What is your best childhood memory?

What is your best childhood memory? A new survey of 2,000 UK adults has revealed the top 50 most common childhood memories. Heartwarmingly, family memories have taken the top three spots, with Christmas dinner in first place, closely followed by going to the beach and visiting grandparents. Can you remember… More Read More →

Is cursive faster?

Is cursive faster? It’s faster than print. One of the reasons people write in cursive script is because it’s faster than printing each letter. Because the cursive letters are connected, you lift your pen less frequently, which cuts down on time spent forming the letters. Why cursive is no longer… More Read More →

What is Islamabad known for?

What is Islamabad known for? The city is known for the presence of several parks and forests, including the Margalla Hills National Park and the Shakarparian. The city is home to several landmarks, with the most notable one being the Faisal Mosque the largest mosque in South Asia and the… More Read More →