Are Disney limited edition pins worth anything?

Are Disney limited edition pins worth anything?

Bottom line: Pins sold in their original packaging are always worth more than ones that have been opened up and put on display. This super jumbo limited edition pin is truly massive, measuring 5.5 inches across. The artwork for the pin was designed by Tyler Dumas, an artist working for Disney’s Design Group.

What do the colors on the back of Disney pins mean?

Each Pin Trading location will list the prices for each color, but as of 2018, they are: Green ($9.99) Silver ($9.99) Blue ($12.99) Yellow ($12.99) Pink ($14.99) but some special pins can sell for much higher (like name pins, which are not tradable anyway).

What are limited release Disney pins?

Limited Release products are products that we only sell for a limited period of time. That means that once the release period is over, we take them off sale. We reserve the right to bring them back at a later date for a further release.

What pins are worth money?

The 5 Rarest and Most Valuable Baseball Trading Pins

  1. The Jackie Robison Rookie Pin. One of the most valuable baseball trading pins of all time also serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  2. A 1912 Press Pin.
  3. Lou Gehrig’s 1933 Cracker Jack Prize.
  4. Topps Pins From 1956.
  5. A 1927 Press Pin.

What are Disney Hidden Mickey pins?

The Hidden Mickey Collection is a way for Cast Members at Disney Parks and Resorts to trade unique pins with Guests. Guests can trade up to two (2) Hidden Mickey pins per Cast Member, per day. “Hidden Mickey Pin” is featured in a small box on the back stamp of each pin.

Do all Disney pins have serial numbers?

9. Does the pin have a serial number? Recently, Disney have started issuing serial numbers to the back of the pins (not all pins as of yet though). If it is a newish pin I would always recommend checking that the serial number is there just to make sure it is a genuine Disney pin.