Are Rhodia notebooks worth it?

Are Rhodia notebooks worth it?

If you want a journal that is reliable, strong, and beautiful, then the Rhodia notebook is a great option for you. Paper enthusiasts, artists, and letterers everywhere will love the quality that this journal provides. Give this notebook a try and you will find yourself reaching for it again and again.

What paper is Rhodia?

The paper in the Clairefontaine notebooks and Rhodia pads is all made by Clairefontaine, but it’s not the same paper. The Clairefontaine staplebounds are smooth, 90g paper, ideal for fountain pen use. The paper in the Rhodia pads is 80g, and slightly less smooth, ideal for fountain pens or pencils.

Is Rhodia good for fountain pens?

2. Rhodia (everything) The entire Rhodia range is fountain pen-friendly, with a gorgeously smooth feel that your nib just dances across. Whether you go for one of the French maker’s iconic-orange notepads or one of the stylish Rhodiarama notebooks, you’re guaranteed a wonderful writing experience.

Are Rhodia notebooks good for fountain pens?

All Rhodia Notebooks and Writing Pads Rhodia is known for high quality paper perfect for fountain pens.

Is Rhodia paper worth?

Conclusion. Wrapping up, the Rhodia DotPad is an essential notebook in my opinion. They aren’t very expensive (less than $10 for the A5 size), have plenty of sheets, and work well with all types of pens and pencils. They’re incredibly simple notebooks that are well-made and delightful to use.

Is Rhodia paper good for watercolor?

Although I am familiar with the paper’s fine qualities for writing, the only sketching I’ve done in Rhodia journals is with a fountain pen, and only small doodles, at that. The paper seemed too thin to support watercolor or other wet media and too smooth for graphite or colored pencil.

Is Rhodia paper vellum?

Why is Rhodia grid paper the best for calligraphy practice There’s nothing quite like Rhodia paper for calligraphy practice. A high grade vellum paper, it’s by far the smoothest I’ve come across.

Is Rhodia paper good for pencil?

Good fun. If that school could have a pencil mascot it would be the Rhodia pencil. * This triangular pencil boasts a snazzy bright, nearly fluorescent, orange body with a sharply painted black ferrule. It’s fitted well to the pencil.

Is Rhodia worth?

Is Rhodia paper waterproof?

Slim notebook with coated card covers for strength, flexibility and water-resistant.

Do Rhodia notebooks lay flat?

Cover and binding The Rhodia Webnotebook has a pleasant leather-like hardcover. The Rhodia’s stitched binding initially feels a bit tighter than that of the Leuchtturm1917, but after some simple breaking in, it lay flat quite easily. The binding quality is excellent.

Are Rhodia notebooks waterproof?

Side-Stapled Notebooks Slim notebook with coated card covers for strength, flexibility and water-resistant.