Are there cheat codes for WGT Golf?

Are there cheat codes for WGT Golf?

Over the years, there have been claims that people have been using software to cheat on WGT. However the fact is that even if you do have some kind of software, it is impossible to cheat properly. There are too many variables involved in the game to come up with a way of beating the system.

How do you sell clubs on WGT Golf?

To sell your clubs from the mobile app, press the three white lines on the top left of the Main Menu and then select ProShop and then select either BRANDS or CLUBS from the header. Then select “Sell Clubs” on the far right. You will then be given a list of your equipment and the option to sell most non-equipped items.

How do you level up fast in WGT?

Continuous play and tournaments is the way to go. The bonus points for 6+ days continuous days play will soon level you up. Just don’t lose the continuity or you drop from 880 XP to 90XP and have to build up again.

What good are coins in WGT Golf?

Coins are mostly used to play head-to-head games in the Coin Rooms and to upgrade apparel. They can also be used to rent COIN club sets from the Pro Shop. To find the COIN club sets, click Pro Shop, then Clubs, then Club Sets.

How do you Unequip clubs in WGT Golf?

Click on your profile pic (upper right corner), then click EDIT EQUIPMENT at the bottom. Select the club you want to replace on the left, then use the nav bar at the top middle if necessary to select the type of club you want to equip.

How do you become a Tour Master in WGT?

Re: How to get Master status. To move to Master tier, a player needs an average of 67.00 and 25 ranked rounds at Tour Pro tier. To move to Tour Master, a player needs and average of 63.00 and 40 ranked rounds at Master tier.

How do you get free credits on WGT Golf?

The most simple way to win credits on WGT is to move up a tier. You start off at hack level, then move to amateur and keep progressing until you reach legend status. Every time you move up a tier you earn credits. For the first move, you earn 100 credits, then from amateur to pro its 200 credits.

What is the highest level in WGT Golf?

Level 200 is the maximum possible – World Golf Tour.

How important is it to learn to putt on WGT?

Learning to putt on WGT is very important. Putting is a big part of the game and to consistently shoot low scores you need to have your putting game in order. World Golf Tour is very realistic and just as in real golf you may be incredible from tee to green but if you can’t putt you will never be any good.

Should you use WGT credits to upgrade your clubs?

When you first join WGT, you are given a starter set of clubs. These are the basic set which have no real positive attributes. Sure, you will be able to use them and play a round, but you stand little chance of making low scores. So you really need to use WGT credits to upgrade your clubs and buy better equipment.

What should I consider when putting on WGT?

The first thing to consider when putting on WGT is which putter you will be using. There are lots to choose from and lots to think about. You do get a standard WGT putter, but this is not very good and will not help your putting very much. So you will have to spend your credits and buy yourself a decent putter.

Can you buy a car with WGT credits?

There is also the Elite Collection which are products from the real world such as gift cards and golfing holidays. If you win a serious amount of credits, you can even purchase a car using your WGT credits. But if you don’t want to spend cold hard cash, how do you earn WGT credits without spending money?