Are they still making games for the Xbox One?

Are they still making games for the Xbox One?

Even with the current-gen Xbox Series X and all of the upcoming Xbox Series X games, many titles are still heading to the Xbox One, including some of the most highly anticipated games like Saints Row, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

What game will come out in 2021?

In the video game industry, 2021 saw the release of many new video games….Major awards.

25th Japan Game Awards October 2, 2021 Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit
The Game Awards 2021 December 9, 2021 Deathloop
25th D.I.C.E. Awards February 24, 2022 It Takes Two
22nd Game Developers Choice Awards March 23, 2022 It Takes Two

What are the most anticipated Xbox games coming in 2021?

8 Most Anticipated Xbox Games Coming 2021. 1 Halo: Infinite – Holiday 2021. Any list of anticipated Xbox games has to begin with Halo Infinite. The long-awaited and newest addition to the Halo 2 Back 4 Blood – October 12th. 3 Forza Horizon 5 – November 22nd. 4 Battlefield 2042 – October 22nd. 5 Psychonauts 2 – August 25th.

What’s new on the Xbox series s and series X?

It’s an exciting year for games on the Xbox, with new titles making use of the graphical capabilities of the Series S and Series X consoles. Big titles, like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo: Infinite, take the headlines, although there are multiple games across a variety of genres that have fans looking forward to summer, fall, and the holiday season.

Is among us coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021?

Indie smash hit Among Us is coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass in 2021, alongside an all-new Airship map. Among Us is an asynchronous multiplayer experience where players have to deduce which crewmate is actively murdering other players, and sabotaging the ship’s facilities.

What is the best post-apocalyptic game on Xbox series X?

Somerville (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Day One to Game Pass) It’s just stunning – with art and audio that is beautiful and visceral, wrapped around the story of a family navigating the perils of post-apocalyptic earth.