Can bees eat fondant?

Can bees eat fondant?

When it’s time to use the fondant, just put a disk in the topmost part of the hive. If the bees need it, they will eat it. If they don’t need it, they won’t take it. But be sure to remove any leftover fondant when it is no longer needed.

Can I use cake fondant to feed bees?

Queen Bee. enrico said: If you feed your bees properly in autumn in theory you should never need fondant. Unless you only feed fondant, in which case it would not be only an emergency feed.

When should I feed my bees fondant?

Typically fondant is used as a winter feed (sometimes termed ’emergency feed’) but can also be used in the fall, in fact at any time of year.

Will bees store fondant?

If it is warm, the bees are active, and the cluster has broken, they will store it. If it is cold and they are clustering they will not work it. Bees do not consume fondant straight off. They are not able to metabolize it on account of its high sugar concentration.

How much fondant do bees need?

Fondant feeding is much more convenient than the candy or candy board method. You should have 6 lbs. of fondant per hive.

Can you feed fondant to bees in summer?

Bees only directly use fondant when fed in the winter months (when they are clustered, basically). At other times they may store it. Particularly autumn feeds of fondant are stored. A large lump of fondant will be very rapidly covered in bees if left outside in the summer near hives (at least while it is moist).

Is fondant better for bees than sugar?

Sugar syrup is for feeding bees in warm weather or temperatures above 50F and fondant is used for winter feed or when temperatures are below 50F.

How do you make honey bees out of fondant?


  1. Roll a large ball of yellow for the body and a small ball of black for the head.
  2. Using a decorator brush, dab water on the body to attach the head.
  3. Roll out a piece of black fondant using the pink guide rings.
  4. Use water to attach the thin strips around the body of the bee.

Can you feed marshmallows to bees?

My bees are heading into winter and our local beekeepers are discussing winter feeding. One of the more interesting feeds is marshmallows, rather than sugar, fondant, candy, or syrup. Apparently they work, are easy to feed, and readily eaten.

How do you make fondant bees UK?

Procedure: Pour sugar, water and vinegar into saucepan and bring to the boil stirring constantly. Cover and gently boil up for about 5 minutes. Remove lid and check temperature with cooking thermometer, continue to boil with lid off until temperature reaches 234F.

How to make fondant for bees from table sugar?


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  • What to feed a bee?

    Bees need water to survive

  • They drink from puddles,pools,and other sources of standing or running water
  • Bees can also get some of their moisture needs fulfilled by consuming honey
  • Honey is made up primarily of sugar with a small amount of protein
  • How do you feed bees?

    use a larger feeder or several small ones – 1 quart is not enough

  • keep the feeder full – check it every few days
  • if bees refuse to drink – offer sugar water again a few weeks later
  • How to feed bees fondant?

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