Can EdenPure heaters be repaired?

Can EdenPure heaters be repaired?

Fixing a faulty EdenPURE product at home is a practical way of saving money. Calling a technician or having the product repaired professionally is often expensive, especially if the heater’s warranty has expired and the problem turns out to have a simple fix.

How do you troubleshoot an EdenPure heater?

How to Troubleshoot an EdenPure

  1. Check that the EdenPure portable heater is plugged into a reliable, functioning power outlet if the heater turns off, has poor heat output or doesn’t turn on.
  2. Reset the heater’s thermostat if the room isn’t warming sufficiently.

Is there a reset button on EdenPure heaters?

Unlike most small appliances, the Edenpure heater has no reset button. Edenpure’s design requires disconnecting the power source for a specified amount of time to reset the sensors.

How long does an EdenPURE last?

Suarez Corporation Industries is advertising a 20,000 hour bulb life and a 10-15 year “service” life (website, printed literature and printed on carton) for both their Edenpure US-1000 and Gen4 heaters.

How do I reset my EdenPURE heater?

First, you should unplug the heater’s power cord from the power outlet for at least 30 minutes. This will reset the internal electronics of the EdenPURE 1000 heater. Finally, plug the power cord back in to the power outlet and then, attempt to operate the heater again.

Why does my EdenPURE heater shut off?

Why is my EdenPURE 1000 heater automatically turning off or blowing cold air? A dirty filter will result in the unit to automatically shut down, blow cold air or not function at all. For filter cleaning instructions, please refer to the EdenPURE 1000 product manual. It is very important to keep heater filter clean.

Is EdenPure made in the USA?

“It’s all U.S.-made and all U.S.-produced.” Suarez said it took about three years to plan the operation’s move out of China, and it settled in North Canton because of the good deal the company got on the building and .

How good are EdenPURE heaters?

In Consumer Reports space heater tests, the large EdenPure Gen4, $397, was mediocre at room heating and worse at spot heating. But as the company claims, it was very quiet and was also cool enough to safely touch. Other brands in our tests got hot enough to cause a burn.

Why does my electric heater keep shutting off?

If the heating vents are blocked, the safety feature will kick in and the heater will shut off until it has a chance to cool down: even if your home hasn’t been heated yet. The thermostat is faulty: A thermostat could misread the temperature due to a problem with its internal gauges.

Where can I buy replacement parts for EdenPure?

AirNmore is an independently owned and authorized sales, service and parts dealer for EdenPURE. Our company carries a complete range of replacement parts for EdenPURE heaters and air purifiers.

Who is EdenPure?

The company has served millions of customers over their 40+ years in business as a multi-channel marketing company. EdenPURE’s three-tier approach to business focuses on great customer experiences through Quality, Price and Service and above all, Integrity.

How long has Paul been working with EdenPure?

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What is EdenPure’s return policy?

You may return EdenPURE® products for a full refund – no questions asked. We can offer this guarantee because every product we offer must pass our rigorous performance standards. It is that simple.