Can hypokalemia cause abdominal pain?

Can hypokalemia cause abdominal pain?

Involvement of GI muscles can cause an ileus with associated symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal distension. Severe hypokalemia can also lead to muscle cramps, rhabdomyolysis, and resultant myoglobinuria.

What are the complications of hypokalemia?

However, symptoms of hypokalemia may include attacks of severe muscle weakness, eventually leading to paralysis and possibly respiratory failure. Muscular malfunction may result in paralysis of the bowel, low blood pressure, muscle twitches and mineral deficiencies (tetany).

Is hyperkalemia curable?

Mild hyperkalemia is usually treated without hospitalization especially if the patient is otherwise healthy, the ECG is normal, and there are no other associated conditions such as acidosis and worsening kidney function. Emergency treatment is necessary if hyperkalemia is severe and has caused changes in the ECG.

Can hypokalemia be cured?

Hypokalemia is treatable. Treatment usually involves treating the underlying condition. Most people learn to control their potassium levels through diet or supplements. Make an appointment with the doctor if you’re showing symptoms of hypokalemia.

What level of potassium requires hospitalization?

We suggest criteria for hospitalization, which include severe hyperkalemia (≥8.0 mmol/L, with changes other than peaked T waves on the electrocardiogram), acute worsening of renal function, and supervening medical problems.

Does high potassium affect kidneys?

Potassium is a mineral and an electrolyte that the body requires to support key processes. It is one of the seven essential macrominerals and plays a role in the function of the kidneys. Having too much or too little potassium can result in complications that affect the kidneys.

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