Can I uninstall Oracle 10g Express Edition?

Can I uninstall Oracle 10g Express Edition?

In the Windows Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs. Select Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. Click Change/Remove.

How do I manually uninstall Oracle 10g?

How to Uninstall Oracle 10g (Windows)

  1. Select the Oracle products installed and click on Remove.
  2. Click Yes.
  3. The removing process begin.
  4. The uninstall process is completed.
  5. Next, delete the Oracle directory from the computer, C:\ oracle. Finally, remove the Oracle environment variables and restart your computer.

How do I completely remove Oracle from Windows 10?

Procedure for Removing Oracle Database Client with Oracle Universal Installer

  1. Ensure that you first follow the instructions in “Stopping Oracle Services on Windows”.
  2. Start Oracle Universal Installer.
  3. Click the Deinstall Products button.
  4. Select the Oracle home you wish to remove.
  5. Check the boxes of components to remove.

How do I uninstall Oracle 11g Express from Windows 10?

  1. go to Windows Control Panel.
  2. run “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” (depending on your Windows version)
  3. select “Oracle Database 11g Express Edition”
  4. click “Change/Remove” or “Uninstall” (again, depending on Windows version)

How do I uninstall Oracle 19c from Windows Server?

How To Uninstall Oracle Database 19c

  1. Process of Uninstalling Oracle Database 19c.
  2. Step 1: Delete the Environment Variable.
  3. Step 2: Delete the Registries of Oracle 19c.
  4. Step 3: Restart the Machine.
  5. Step 4: Delete Oracle Home Users and Groups.
  6. Step 5: Delete the Oracle Database 19c.
  7. FAQ About Uninstalling Oracle 19.

How do I remove Oracle services from Windows?

Choose Start > Programs > Oracle – HOME_NAME > Database Administration > Database Configuration Assistant. Oracle Database Configuration Assistant starts. Select Delete a database and choose Next. Follow the remaining windows to deinstall the Oracle8i database.

How do I Uninstall Oracle VirtualBox?

Go to the “Start” (shell), “Contol Panel”, “Programs and Features”. A list of installed applications will be displayed in alphabetical order. Left click “Oracle VM VirtualBox” so it is selected, then “right click” it and choose “Uninstall” from the menu.

How do I Uninstall Oracle 19c from Windows?

How to remove Oracle Database 18C Express Edition?

How to Remove Oracle Database XE 1 In the Windows Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs. 2 Select Oracle Database 18c Express Edition . 3 Click Change/Remove or Uninstall. 4 Follow the prompts to deinstall Oracle Database Express Edition. After few minutes, the window will close and the… See More….

How to uninstall Oracle 10g completely in Windows?

This article will show you on how to uninstall Oracle 10g completely in Windows operating system. Shutdown the Oracle database and stop all other Oracle services (listener, iSQLPlus, enterprise manager console) Open the Oracle Universal Installer. Choose Deinstall Products. Select the Oracle products installed and click on Remove.

How to remove Oracle databases and software?

This chapter describes how to remove Oracle databases, instances, and software: Always use Oracle Universal Installer to remove Oracle components. To avoid installation and configuration problems with new Oracle installations, follow the instructions in this chapter.

What happens when I deinstall Oracle Database Xe?

Because the deinstallation process removes all files from the directory in which Oracle Database XE is installed, back up any files from the directory (if needed) before you deinstall. The database will no longer be operational after deinstallation. Use Add or Remove Programs to deinstall Oracle Database XE: