Can iPhone 5 and 5S use the same case?

Can iPhone 5 and 5S use the same case?

The iPhone 5s is indeed exactly the same size as the iPhone 5, so existing iPhone 5 cases will fit the new iPhone 5s.

Are iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S the same size?

Apple iPhone 5 – Build. At first glance, the 5S looks identical to the old iPhone 5 and, sure enough, a quick read of the spec sheet reveals that their dimensions and weight are identical – 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm and 112g.

Are iPhone 5 and SE cases the same?

Yes, cases for the iPhone 5 will fit the iPhone SE. The new iPhone SE is exactly the same size and has the same ports as the earlier iPhone 5 and 5S, ensuring that you can use iPhone 5 and 5S cases with the iPhone SE and they’ll fit perfectly.

Which iPhone is closest in size to iPhone 5S?

Apple iPhone SE
The Apple iPhone SE is a development of the 5S, taking the same design but refining it slightly with features such as matte edges. It measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6mm and hits the scales at 113g. This means the iPhone SE is slimmer and smaller than the iPhone 5C and the same size as the iPhone 5S.

Are the iPhone 5 and 12 mini the same size?

To me, the iPhone 12 mini is most reminiscent of the iPhone 5. Yes, it is bigger and has a glass rear panel instead of aluminum, but it shares the squared-off aluminum sides and general feeling of being an object that was designed to be proportional to your hand.

What’s the difference between a iPhone 5s and SE?

Compared to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, the iPhone SE is faster, has twice the RAM, a substantially better rear camera, longer battery life, better and faster connectivity, Apple Pay support, and more.

Are iPhone SE and 5S the same size?

Although the iPhone 5 uses a different display part, the iPhone 5s and iPhone SE even share interchangeable displays, and all three have a 4″ multi-touch IPS LED-backlit 1136×640 (326 ppi) “Retina” display of essentially identical quality….iPhone Q&A.

iPhone Model Model Numbers
iPhone SE A1662, A1723, A1724

Does the iPhone 5S fit in the iPhone 5 case?

The iphone 5 cover can easily be used for a 5s but the same can’t be done with a 5c. The iPhone 5s’ fit in iPhone 5 cases, but the camera is different in the 5s so you want to make sure there is plenty of room for the camera and flash so it does not affect the pictures. It is best to get a case that is specifically made for your phone.

Will the iPhone 5 and 5s fit the same case?

You can however use an iPhone 5 case on an iPhone 5S or a iPhone SE 2016 which uses the same exact design. If you want a cheap case, you can check on eBay or Amazon which has very cheap cases. How do you fix an iOS issue?

Is iPhone 5S better than iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter(3.95 ounces),18 percent thinner(0.3 inches thick),and 12 percent smaller by volume than the iPhone 4S

  • Larger screen – 3.5 inches to 4 inches.
  • New Design
  • Retina Display – Resolution has been boosted up to 1,136-by-640 pixels,which makes for the same 326 pixel-per-inch Retina display as the iPhone 4S
  • Will iPhone 5S housing fit iPhone 5?

    i seen a video of someone trying to put the iphone 5S housing on a IPhone 5 and it would not fit as the screw mounts was in different places, i’m amazed no one has already tried it, as i think many people would do it. Bob327 Member. Joined Apr 4, 2013 Messages 37 Reaction score 4 Location Frederick Md.