Can you tour the set of Vampire Diaries?

Can you tour the set of Vampire Diaries?

Mystic Falls Tours provides guided tours to the sets used on the hit CW show “The Vampire Diaries.” “The Originals” and “Legacies” All tours are guided by the Vampire Stalkers, a group of fans that have become friends with the casts of your favorite show and now have the awesome job of showing you the sets and helping …

Can you tour the Salvatore house?

Book an Extended Tour for even more locations and entertainment! This tour focuses on locations outside the general filming areas used on our other tours. From Vampire Diaries we visit Jo and Alaric’s wedding venue, Bonnie and Enzo’s hideout and the 1800 Salvatore mansion!

Where do you go on The Vampire Diaries tour?

During its run from 2009 to 2017, the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries took place in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. And you can visit that town in real life by traveling to Covington, GA, about 30 minutes southeast of Atlanta.

Can you see Mystic Falls without a tour?

The tour takes you through the filming locations of The Vampire Diaries series. However, even if you don’t take the tour, you’ll still be able to see the majority of these locations up close–except for ‘The Lockwood Mansion’ (real name is Worthington Manor).

Can you self tour Mystic Falls?

For a self-guided tour of Mystic Falls, I highly recommend the full-day rental. This gives you enough time to visit all of the filming locations of The Vampire Diaries, take great pictures, and explore the town square.

Can you take pictures on the Mystic Falls tour?

You will NOT be permitted to take any video on the tours although we do encourage taking as many photos as you would like. If you take the Originals Tour since it is primarily walking it is suggested you bring a stroller for small children.

Can you go inside the Lockwood mansion?

Guests are given unrivaled access to the filming locations of “The Vampire Diaries” from the first season to the final season. Lockwood Mansion has been used on the show countless times, and this is the only tour allowed into the home where notable scenes like the masquerade ball took place.

What school was Vampire Diaries filmed at?

Whitmore College The Vampire Diaries didn’t film exclusively in Covington. The series also shot some scenes at Oxford College in Oxford, Georgia. Oxford College doubled as Whitmore College, which is where Elena, Bonnie and Caroline attended school in season five. If only Alaric Saltzman was a real professor there.

Can you walk around Mystic Falls for free?

For starters, you can walk around Mystic Falls for free because it’s an actual town! You can enjoy your visit to the town of Covington, Georgia in many ways. But one of the most popular ways to explore this town is by visiting the filming locations of the show The Vampire Diaries.

Where is Mystic Falls in Vampire Diaries?

Due to legal conflict,the town was named Mystic Falls,instead of Fell’s Church in the novels.

  • Mystic Falls is located between Lynchburg,Virginia and Charlottesville,Virginia according to the map on episode Rose.
  • Mystic Falls is the place where vampires were created over a thousand years ago.
  • What happened to the Salvatore house on ‘the Vampire Diaries’?

    In both the novels and on the show,the Salvatore family is of Italian origin and descent.

  • The Salvatore family is descended from Greek/Latin/Roman origin,but eventually becomes a family of Italian heritage.
  • Silas is the oldest known member of the Salvatore family or bloodline,being born some time during 1st century B.C.E.
  • Is the Vampire Diaries an appropriate TV show?

    This is the opposite of that twilight crap, so everyone with taste will adore The Vampire Diaries! Great for Pre-teens and up. I think the Vampire Diaries is appropriate for kids +13 and up. Although some of the languages that are used may not appropriate, but Stefan is a great role model to kids.

    Do vampires on Vampire Diaries have a pulse?

    You could also ask seeing vampires have no heartbeat, why do vampires even need blood at all. There are many things about the fictional vampire but more so the mythological vampire that we know very little about. In the work of Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles. Her vampires were actually supernatural.