Did Bob FM change their name?

Did Bob FM change their name?

The newest Bob FM station in the United States is WCVS-FM in Springfield, Illinois, replacing its classic rock format.

What does Bob FM stand for?

In 2007, the FCC approved a change to the city of license to Holliday and the call letters became KWFB-FM, an acronym for “Wichita Falls Bob.” The format was changed from Oldies to Adult Hits “BOB FM – We Play Anything.” For the first year, the programming for BOB FM originated from Waitt Radio Network in Omaha.

What frequency is Bob FM on?

FM 103.9
Bob FM 103.9 | Edwards, California.

What station is Bob FM Anchorage?

KBBO-FM (92.1 FM, “Bob FM”) is a commercial variety hits music radio station in Houston, Alaska, broadcasting to the Anchorage, Alaska, area. It is owned by Ohana Media….KBBO-FM.

Frequency 92.1 MHz
Branding 92.1 Bob FM
Format Variety hits

Who owns Bob FM Uganda?

Dan Peters
Kampala — The feeling you get, if not one of shock, is that of near-disappointment, once you learn that Dan Peters, the man behind Bob FM, does not own a personal collection of thousands of prized LPs and CDs of his favourite country musicians.

What happened to 104.1 The Dock?

CICZ-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 104.1 FM in Midland, Ontario. The station, owned by Larche Communications, airs a classic rock format branded as 104.1 The Dock. On August 9, 2017, Bell Media announced that it would acquire CICZ-FM.

Who runs Bob FM?

Adelman Broadcasting, Inc
KGBB (103.9 FM, “Bob FM”) is a commercial radio station that is licensed to Edwards, California and serves the Antelope Valley area. The station is owned by Adelman Broadcasting, Inc.

When did Bob FM come out?

BOB FM®, the revolutionary 24/7 music format that hit the radio airwaves on March 4, 2002, is celebrating 20 years of playing music from the ’80s, ’90s, & whatever.

Is the dock now bounce?

Grey-Bruce’s BOUNCE 92.3 (CJOS-FM, formerly 92.3 The Dock) Simcoe County’s BOUNCE 104.1 (CICZ-FM, formerly 104.1 The Dock)

What happened to 92.3 the dock?

It was announced in August that Bell Media had reached an agreement to acquire the stations, which along with the Owen Sound station, also include 104.1 The Dock in Midland, KICX Country 91.7 in Sudbury and KICX Country 106 in Orillia.

What happened to Bob FM in Wichita KS?

KIBB (97.1 FM) is a radio station broadcasting an adult hits format branded as “Bob FM”. Licensed to Haven, Kansas, the station serves the Wichita area. The station is currently owned by Rocking M Media.