Did Cyberchase save the Motherboard?

Did Cyberchase save the Motherboard?

The Encryptor Chip was said to be able to cure Motherboard, but it was sacrificed to restore her in “The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2”.

Who played Harry on Cyberchase?

Matthew A. Wilson
Harry is played by Matthew A. Wilson. Like Bianca, Harry’s last name is the same as his actor’s. However, unlike other Cyberchase For Real protagonists, his first name is different.

What was the last episode of Cyberchase?

Living in DisharmonyCyberchase / Latest episode

Who is Cyberspaces most famous animal hero?

Appears in episodes 312, 405, 502 and 509. A wildlife cybersite, and a sanctuary for all kinds of rare, exotic and wonderful animals. It is the home of Chewcrocca, and Nero the Animal Hero.

What happened to Motherboard in Cyberchase?

He attacked while Motherboard was undergoing a upgrade. At that time, Jackie, Matt, and Inez were at the computer. After touching three dots, they crashed the computer, allowing Hacker to breach the system. Motherboard was able to warn the Doctor of the breach.

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