Do I need plastic spoke protector?

Do I need plastic spoke protector?

A spoke protector is necessary because it prevents the chain from digging into the spoke in case it falls between the spokes and the big gear cog. Also, in an accident involving the rear mech, the spoke guard acts as a barrier between the chain and the spokes.

Do I need a cassette guard?

Its a spoke guard. It prevents the chain from going between the spokes and cassette causing damage if you shift too far. This can only happen on badly tuned gears or old friction shifted shifters.

What is a spoke protector?

Some bicycles come with a plastic disc slid between the largest cog of the cassette or freewheel and the spokes of the rear tire. This is the so-called spoke protector also known as a “spoke guard”, “a pie plate”, “the dork disc” and “the rookie ring.”

What is a derailleur guard?

The Rear Derailleur Guard is designed to protect the bicycle’s rear derailleur and hanger from damage when transporting the bike in a car, shipping in a box or bike case, or while in storage. Steel construction is impact resistant for enhanced protection.

Should I remove the plastic disc rear wheel?

It can cause the rear wheel to lock up, potentially causing you to lose control of your bike at speed, and causing injury or worse. It will likely cause a lot of damage to your rear derailleur and wheel – both of which are often expensive parts to repair or replace.

Should you remove the dork disc?

The dork disc is necessary as it prevents the chain from reaching the spokes if the chain drops. Actually, the main function of the spoke guard is to hold the chain back from the spokes. In addition, the disc also helps to keep disc brakes free of oil and other forms of dirt coming from the chain and the cassette.

What is the plastic disc on the back wheel of a bike?

Commonly referred to by mountain bikers as a “dork disc”, the spoke protector is designed to minimize the chance of the rear derailleur being able to move past the lowest gear and cause damage to the rear wheel, and/or the resulting loss of control of the bike.

Can you remove dork disc?

Dork disc removal process: The cassette lockring needs to be spun anti-clockwise to loosen and remove it, as it’s just a normal thread, but of course the cassette will just want to spin freely anti-clockwise, so this is why we need a chain whip.