Does Apple send text message?

Does Apple send text message?

Question: Q: Text from Apple about lost phone Apple does not send text messages regarding lost/stolen devices. The message will be from someone who has found/stole the phone, and is attempting to obtain the iCloud credentials.

How do you make a fake iPhone text?

When you create your Fake Text Message, start a new text bubble by click the “+ Add Text Message” button. Then simply type in the message you want, and select the Blue square beside the message in order to make your message appear as a iOS iMessage.

How do I send automated text messages Apple?

Schedule recurring messages on iPhone using Shortcuts

  1. Open the Shortcuts app.
  2. Tap Automation, located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. If this is your first automation, tap Create Personal Automations.
  4. Tap Time of Day and adjust it as necessary.
  5. Select Add Action.
  6. Choose the contact to send your message to and tap Next.

Can an iPhone send an automated text?

If you want to send automated text messages at a certain time, you can do so by creating a shortcut on your iPhone. With this shortcut, you can send text messages to as many contacts as you like, automatically. This could be a great way to reach out to people or ask how their day or week was.

What text number is 75973?

If you want to opt out of receiving SMS text messages from Skype, text the word “STOP” to 75973. This will prevent all SMS text messages sent by anyone using Skype from being sent to your mobile phone. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to stop receiving SMS text messages from specific people.

Is 81961 An Apple number?

if you get a message 81961, and it says “Your Apple ID verification code is… and show 6 random numbers, that is fake.

Can you use a fake number for iMessage?

A: The short answer is that there isn’t any way to assign a phone number to iMessage manually. In other words, you can’t actually punch a number in anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple’s website.

What is TextingStory com?

TextingStory allows you to write conversations just like any messaging app, except you can switch side by swiping left or right over the message area. You can also press the characters’ names. Take all the time you need to write your conversations.

How do you set automation on iPhone?

Enable an automation

  1. In the Shortcuts app on your iOS or iPadOS device, tap Automation .
  2. Tap the automation you want to enable.
  3. Turn on Enable This Automation.
  4. Tap Done. When triggered, the automation will run or will ask you to run it, depending on the setting you choose in the next task, below.