Does Revlon ColorSilk work well?

Does Revlon ColorSilk work well?

The Revlon Colorsilk is a fantastic product – its very easy to apply, rinse out and leaves my hair feeling like its had a treatment! It covers all my regrowth and gives my hair a total freshen up. It doesn’t smell too strongly and its a great price, very affordable! I really liked this product.

What is Revlon ColorSilk Luminista?

ColorSilk Luminista™ helps dark hair look and feel its healthiest with rich, light-reflecting color and a moisturizing mango-butter infusion. You get 100% gray coverage from ColorSilk Luminista™—that’s our promise. Long-lasting, permanent hair color and shine.

How long do you leave Black Revlon ColorSilk in your hair?

Leave on hair for 25 minutes total. For resistant gray hair, leave on for an additional 5 minutes (30 minutes total). For ultra blonde shades 03, 04 and 05, leave on for an additional 20 minutes (45 minutes total).

Is Revlon ColorSilk damaging?

The Overall Best Permanent Color: REVLON Colorsilk There’s also no ammonia in this non-drip formula, so you can feel confident knowing you’re minimizing damage to your strands. The shades are multi-tonal for added dimension, so you get natural-looking results.

Is Revlon ColorSilk harmful?

Revlon ColorSilk Hair Colors Overview Most of them contain three core harmful substances: Quaternium-15, APE’s and Ammonia. The damage is varying but it ranges between releasing formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, to disrupting hormones to possible toxic ingredients.

What volume is the developer in Revlon Colorsilk?

2.0 oz
Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color is a very good product. But it’s not 10.0 ounce as described. The color is 2.0 oz, the developer is 2.0 oz and the included conditioner is 0.4 oz.

How often can I color my hair with Revlon Colorsilk?

We suggest that you wait at least 14 days between applications. Follow the instructions for the color preview test, allergy test, and retouch application, less exposure time on your mid/ends.

Does Revlon Nutri color Creme cover GREY hair?

Does Revlon Nutri Color Crème cover GREY hair? It does not completely cover grey hairs but it does attenuate the grey. You have to use it once a week or so to keep hair looking really good.