Does WSU have Navy ROTC?

Does WSU have Navy ROTC?

WSU Students In 1984, Washington State University (WSU) joined with the University of Idaho NROTC program under a cross-town agreement for Naval Officer education.

Does Washington state have a ROTC program?

Washington State University is the home of a Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. For over 100 years, the Cougar Battalion has commissioned highly qualified students (Cadets) to serve as Army Lieutenants in every capacity.

Is there a Navy version of ROTC?

As the largest single source of Navy and Marine Corps officers, the NROTC Scholarship Program fills a vital need in preparing mature young men and women for leadership and management positions in an increasingly technical Navy and Marine Corps.

Can you do Navy ROTC in 2 years?

The NROTC Two-Year Scholarship: Provides tuition, fees, textbooks and uniforms for two academic years. Subsistence allowance for a maximum of 20 months. Open to college students who have completed their sophomore year or third year in a five-year curriculum. Deadline date: March 15 of the applicant’s sophomore year.

Does WPI have Navy ROTC?

Students participating in the NROTC program are required to complete a Bachelor’s Degree at an accredited institution in four years to receive a commission as an officer in the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps. Any of the available majors at Holy Cross, WPI, and Worcester State are permitted.

Does Worcester State have ROTC?

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) | Worcester State University.

How many National Guard are in Washington state?

The Washington National Guard is made up of more than 8,000 citizen soldiers and airmen who are dedicated to our mission of safeguarding lives, property and the economy of Washington State.

Does Wichita State have ROTC?

Wichita State Army ROTC Students can begin taking classes through WSU’s Army ROTC program in fall 2019.

How long is the Navy ROTC program?

Our scholarship students are obligated for a minimum of four years of active duty after graduation, depending on service selection. They accept the obligation at the beginning of the sophomore year. Our College Program (non-scholarship) students are obligated for three years of active duty after graduation.

How hard is it to get into Navy ROTC?

Navy ROTC. This is a more difficult scholarship to obtain than the Army and Air Force Scholarship. For the academic year 2018-2019, more than 5,000 high school senior applications for the scholarship were reviewed. About 1,500 applicants were awarded a scholarship.

How long do you have to serve after Navy ROTC?

three years
Naval ROTC College Program Upon graduation and commissioning, this individual will be required to serve at least three years on active duty.