Has NMDC declared dividend 2021?

Has NMDC declared dividend 2021?

NMDC Ltd. For the year ending March 2021 NMDC has declared an equity dividend of 776.00% amounting to Rs 7.76 per share. At the current share price of Rs 160.35 this results in a dividend yield of 4.84%. The company has a good dividend track report and has consistently declared dividends for the last 5 years.

What is the record date for NMDC dividend 2021?

15th December 2021
NMDC has fixed 15th December 2021 as the record date for the purpose of payment of interim dividend.

Will NMDC give dividend?

NMDC has fixed 18 February 2022 as record date for second interim dividend of Rs 5.73 per equity share for FY 2022.

What is NMDC ex-dividend date?


Dividends Declared
12/03/2019 22/03/2019 Rs.5.5200 per share(552%)Interim Dividend
26/03/2018 27/03/2018 Rs.4.3000 per share(430%)Interim Dividend
26/05/2017 14/09/2017 Rs.1.0000 per share(100%)Final Dividend
07/03/2017 16/03/2017 Rs.4.1500 per share(415%)First Interim Dividend.

When should I buy NMDC to get dividend?

The ex-dividend date is important because any transaction on a stock needs to have been settled before the record date in order to be eligible for a dividend. Accordingly, NMDC investors that purchase the stock on or after the 17th of February will not receive the dividend, which will be paid on the 10th of March.

How many days after record date is dividend paid?

The payment date is usually about one month after the record date.

What is this NMDC?

National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) was incorporated in 1958 as a Government of India fully owned public enterprise. The company is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel, Government of India.

Is NMDC a good buy?

NMDC has crossed 40 million tons of production volumes during March 2022 and is likely to post a strong 23% YoY growth in volumes in FY2022E. The company has increased iron ore fines prices by 22% in the past two months and the brokerage sees further upside in the near term given high discount to import parity prices.

What is the target for NMDC?

Date Stock Target
08 Mar 2022 NMDC Ltd. 216.00

What is the eligibility to get dividend?

To be eligible for dividends, you need to be holding the stock in your demat account on the record date of the dividend issue. You should have bought the stock at least one day before the ex-date so that the stocks are delivered in your demat account by the record date.

How has NMDC’s interim dividend been so far this fiscal?

NMDC has declared an interim dividend of ₹5.73 per equity share of face value of ₹1 each. With the first interim dividend of ₹9.01 per share, the total dividend, thus far this fiscal, will be ₹14.74.

What is the record dote of NMDC Limited?

NMDC Limited Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on 3 December 2021, fixed the 15 December 2021 as the record dote for the purpose of payment of interim dividend at the rate of INR 9.01 per equity share of face value of INR 1 each for the financial year 2021-22.

How did NMDC’s royalty levies affect financial performance?

Weighing on the financial performance for the quarter was the higher Royalty and other levies totalling ₹2,508. 91 crore (₹622. 2 crore). In the notes accompanying the results, NMDC said following amendments in March 2021 to MMDR Act, 1957, there has been an increase in royalty payable on certain mining leases of iron ore.

What is the impact of amendment on NMDC’s iron ore mines?

The impact of this amendment on all the iron ore mines of NMDC except Kumaraswamy Mines at Karnataka is ₹3,700 crore for the current period and is included under royalty and other levies, the company said.