How can I improve my store display?

How can I improve my store display?

Ten Ways to Improve Retail Store Displays

  1. Display related products together in a themed way.
  2. Use lighting to feature products.
  3. Change displays in high traffic areas on a weekly basis.
  4. Use blocks of color to attract attention.
  5. Keep messaging simple.
  6. Don’t forget the pricing.
  7. Pay attention to the store exterior.

How do you display shop items?

Our hope is the following pointers would inspire your retail shop display ideas.

  1. Create immersive retail displays.
  2. Encourage people to touch and feel your products.
  3. Use plants in your shop displays.
  4. Don’t forget about cross-merchandising.
  5. Have something for the kids.
  6. Keep your retail displays well-lit.
  7. Keep ’em portable.

What are retail displays?

What are retail product displays? Retail product displays are the fixtures in your store that hold or promote your products. The look of retail product displays relies heavily on your visual merchandising strategy. Generally, the first interaction customers have with your products in-store is via your displays.

What are special displays?

Special display means a temporary outdoor display intended to be decorative in nature having no direct sales or advertising content,which is larger in area that other signs allowed in the zoning district.

What makes a good retail display?

The top part of the display has images of the items for sale along with a quick description of what each product is and what it does. 9. Play around with colors Colors can make or break your retail displays, which is why it’s essential to select the right color scheme. A big part of this will be driven by the colors of your products.

How can you use your shop displays to celebrate Christmas?

If you’re celebrating a special holiday or occasion in your store, use your shop displays to show your festive side. Materials like balloons, tassels, garlands and other party supplies could help your displays pop. Check out this example from Retailers Market.

Are your product displays well-lit?

Even the most creative displays will fall flat when they’re not well-lit. So invest, in the equipment to make sure that your products are displays in the best possible light. In this example, the folks at Nulty Lighting are showing the power of accent lighting for showcasing individual products.

Do your store’s window displays influence sales?

Your shop doesn’t have to be world famous or located in the middle of busy Manhattan to benefit from a well-designed store window. According to NPD Group research, window displays influence purchases an average of 24% of the time.