How deep should bookcase shelves be?

How deep should bookcase shelves be?

A freestanding bookcase should be at least 10 – 12 inches deep. Each shelf should allow 8 – 12 inches of height for optimum storage. When choosing or building your bookcase, consider how many and what size of books you’re looking to store.

How deep is a standard bookcase?

The standard width is 31 inches. The depth will range from 12 to 13 inches. However, it’s not hard to find a two-shelf bookcase as tall as 36 inches. Two-shelf bookcases are the right size for small book collections, or to serve as bookcases dedicated to encyclopedias and large photographic books.

What is the best depth for a shelf?

The shelves shouldn’t be too deep. The standard depth of most shelves is 16 to 20 inches deep. The highest shelf should be shallower, like 12 inches deep, to make those items easier to access. If you find that stuff seems to get pushed to the back and forgotten about, you should consider even shallower shelves.

What is the difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase?

A bookcase is a close-sided unit that literally encases books and is designed to sit on the floor, while a bookshelf does not have encased ends and is usually designed to hang on a wall.

How thick should wood shelves be?

Plywood for shelves should be 3/4 inch thick or thicker. Standard sheets of plywood come in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/4-inch thicknesses. Plywood panels over 3/4 inch in thickness are usually special order products.

How high should built in shelves be?

However, if you’re going to fill the shelves with books, movies, and board games in a basement playroom, you’ll want shelves that are easily accessible. In that case, bookshelves that are 72 to 80 inches tall will make them most functional.

What is the best height for a bookcase?

The highest shelf in a bookcase should be as high as an average-sized person can comfortably reach – about 72 to 78 inches. If the shelves will be accessed from a sitting position, the highest shelf should be no more than 60 inches above the floor. The lowest shelf should be 3 to 4 inches from the floor level.

How deep is a Billy bookcase?

IKEA Billy Bookcases come in height variations from tall at 93.25” (237 cm) to short at 41.75” (106 cm). Widths range from wide designs at 31.5” (80 cm) to thin designs at 15.75” (40 cm). All bookcases have a depth of 11” (28 cm).

What are Ikea bookcases called?

Billy (stylised as BILLY) is a bookcase sold by the Swedish furniture company IKEA. It was developed in 1979 by the Swedish designer Gillis Lundgren and IKEA have sold over 60 million units of the bookcases worldwide.

What are Ikea bookshelves made of?

Wood is the material most commonly associated with IKEA furniture, and for good reasons. It’s renewable, recyclable, durable, ages beautifully and it is an important part of our Scandinavian design heritage.

Are 2×2 strong enough for shelves?

Using 2-by-2-inch pieces of lumber to create a shelf can give you a rustic-style piece of decor that is not only incredibly durable but also easy on the wallet and the eyes.

How deep should a bookshelf be?

Before Installing a Pantry.

  • Kitchen Pantry Shelving Organization.
  • Ideal Placement for Pantry Shelving.
  • Shelving Options.
  • Space Between Shelves.
  • Depth and Reach.
  • Pantry Size.
  • Wall-to-Wall Pantry.
  • Open Shelves.
  • Pantry Cabinet Options.
  • What to do with deep shelves?

    Use Baskets For Grouping Similar Items. The issue with deep pantry shelves is that you frequently end up stacking food on top of food.

  • Switch Cereal Boxes To Dispensers.
  • Slim Storage Bins Can Hold Bottles And Jars.
  • Lazy Susans Organize Smaller Pantry Items.
  • Use Standing Can Dispensers So Cans Hog Up Less Room.
  • Get Bins That Stack.
  • How deep is the average bookcase?

    When this is the case, the best bet is to work creatively with fitted joinery and build a shelf into the run of wardrobes – the minimum recommended depth for a laptop is 60cm – which can act as a desk.

    What is the standard depth of a bookcase?

    The standard height of a four-shelf bookcase is 54 inches. Standard narrow four-shelf bookcases will have a width of 24 inches, and a wide four-shelf bookcase will have a width of 45 inches. The depth may range from 12 inches to 14 5/8 inches.