How did Clementine Hunter earn a living?

How did Clementine Hunter earn a living?

She used whatever surfaces she could find, drawing and painting on canvas, wood, gourds, paper, snuff boxes, wine bottles, iron pots, cutting boards, and plastic milk jugs. Working from memory, Hunter recorded everyday life in and around the plantation, from work in the cotton fields to baptisms and funerals.

When did Clementine Hunter get married?

In 1924, Clementine married Emmanuel Hunter, a Creole woodchopper at Melrose six years her senior. Until Clementine Hunter married Emmanuel, she spoke only Creole French, and he taught her American English.

What is Clementine Hunter famous for?

Clementine Hunter was the first African-American to have a solo art show in New Orleans. View one of Clementine Hunter’s murals in the African House at Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches. The African House at Melrose Plantation is home to some of Clementine Hunter’s famous murals.

How many children did Clementine Hunter have?

Along the way, Clementine Hunter had seven children — two by Charles Dupre, a mechanic, with whom, in her own words, she was “just keeping company.” When he died in 1914, she had another five by her husband, Emmanuel Hunter, a wood chopper from Melrose.

Where is Clementine Hunter buried?


Description English: Grave of Louisiana folk artist, Clementine Hunter. St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, Natchez, Louisiana. It took over an hour for me to find, so here’s the key. The grave is located in the mausoleum on the side which faces the street/river.
Date 3 January 2007

What language did Clementine Hunter speak before her husband taught her English?

Dupree passed away around 1914 but Hunter found happiness again when she married Emmanuel Hunter in 1924, a local woodchopper, who taught her English (she previously only spoke Creole French).

How many paintings did Clementine Hunter?

Thus, in her 50s, she began a life’s work of paintings estimated to number more than 5,000. Painting mostly in oils, Hunter drew upon her dreams and memories for her many colourful paintings depicting plantation life, recreation, and nature.

What type of painting was Clementine best known for?

Clementine Hunter was an Afro-Creole artist who is best known for her paintings depicting scenes from African-American life on the southern plantation in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.

How much did Clementine Hunter sell her paintings for?

Hunter’s artwork depicted plantation life in the early 20th century, documenting a bygone era. She sold her first paintings for as little as 25 cents. By the end of her life, her work was being exhibited in museums and sold by dealers for thousands of dollars.

Why did Clementine Hunter start painting?

However, Hunter didn’t paint for the money, she painted because she loved it and would frequently give her paintings away. Hunter became the first African-American artist to have a solo exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and even received an invitation to the White House from U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

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Who is Clementine Hunter?

Clementine Hunter (pronounced Clementeen) (late December 1886 or early January 1887 – January 1, 1988) was a self-taught Black folk artist from the Cane River region of Louisiana, who lived and worked on Melrose Plantation .

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Where did Clementine Hunter live in Louisiana?

Even with such success, Hunter chose to stay in Louisiana, working at Melrose Plantation until 1970 when she moved to a small trailer a few miles away on an unmarked road. Entirely self-taught and immensely prolific, Clementine Hunter earned critical acclaim for thousands of vibrant paintings.

How many brothers and sisters did Clementine Hunter have?

She was the first of seven children born to Janvier Reuben (though Clementine Hunter called him John) and Mary Antoinette Adams. Hunter’s siblings were named Maria, Ida, Rosa, Edward, Simon, and John. Hunter’s maternal grandmother Idole, an enslaved Black and Native American woman, was born in Virginia and brought to Louisiana.