How did GTA 4 end?

How did GTA 4 end?

After a brief chase, Niko disables Pegorino’s speedboat with the Annihilator’s miniguns, while an RPG shot damages the helicopter’s engines and forces it to land, both parties now ending up on Happiness Island. Niko chases and kills Pegorino for killing Kate.

What happens to Niko at the end of GTA 4?

He now lives in Broker, still working as a taxi driver for Bellic Cab Service, and still in contact with Mallorie Bardas, Little Jacob, and Brucie Kibbutz who all liked his latest status, and a Happy Birthday note for Roman which was dated as being posted 40 minutes ago.

Is the revenge ending Canon GTA 4?

Taken together, both facts point to the Revenge option being canon.

What happens when you complete GTA 4?

Rewards. The reward for 100% completion in GTA IV is a “100% Game Completion.” message in the top left corner and the ability to buy an unlimited amount of ammunition, although it still costs the same as before, and the Key To The City Achievement is unlocked.

What ending should I choose in GTA 4?

For the most part, GTA 4 players seem to always pick the revenge ending. It’s already a foolish attempt to trust Dimitri. Kate’s death is heartbreaking, yet Niko can always find another girlfriend. There is a chance to move on with his life.

Which ending should I choose in GTA 4?

How much money do you have at the end of GTA 4?

The reward money for either choice is ultimately the same. If you take the deal, you will receive $250 000 after the deal, but no reward for the last 2 missions. If you take Revenge, you will only receive your $250 000 reward after the final mission.

What can you do after the end of GTA 4?


  • Hanging out with friends
  • The swing set glitch
  • Vigilante missions
  • Stunts
  • What happens at the end of GTA 4?

    Grand Theft Auto V has three discrete endings. Towards the end of the game, Franklin Clinton is forced to assassinate either Trevor Philips for FIB Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton or Michael De Santa for Devin Weston. Alternatively, Franklin can choose to save both Michael and Trevor and eliminate their collective enemies once and for all.

    How many endings are in GTA 4?

    How many endings does GTA 4 have? two. Which ending is better in GTA 4? I’m just happy Revenge is the canon ending according to GTA V. I agree with these people’s thoughts. The ending feels more positive overall in the long run as well even if it’s bittersweet at the start.

    Does GTA 4 have multiple endings?

    Grand Theft Auto IV has two dramatically different endings, Deal and Revenge. Because of this, it is recommended to save on a different file after the mission One Last Thing or That Special Someone so that you can easily play the other ending without having to replay the whole game. This page lists the events of both endings.