How do I check my exam schedule McMaster?

How do I check my exam schedule McMaster?

Important Notice For the latest information and updates about McMaster’s response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) please visit the McMaster COVID-19 site. To view your final exam schedule: Select the ‘My Exam Schedule’ tile in Mosaic. Click on December 2020 Final Exams.

Can you defer an exam McMaster?

Deferred exam process If you have missed an exam due to medical or personal reasons, you will need to obtain and complete the relevant form from your Faculty Office and submit it within five working days of the missed exam. Please note, deferred exams may affect academic decisions and progress.

Does McMaster accept summer school courses?

Can summer school, online classes, night and correspondence courses be used for admission? Courses of this variety delivered by a Ministry-accredited institution/facility may be used for admission purposes without penalty.

How do I drop a course McMaster mosaic?

To drop a course, navigate to the Enrol tab in the Student Center, and select Drop. Select the course you would like to drop, and confirm.

What is a B at mcmaster?

GPA Calculator (McMaster University)

Letter Grade Percentage 4.0 Scale
A- 80-84 3.7
B+ 77-79 3.3
B 73-76 3
B- 70-72 2.7

What is a deferred exam?

If you are not able to write your in-person final exam at the scheduled time or if you miss a final exam for reasons outside your control, you may submit a deferred exam petition, which is a request to write your exam at a later time.

How do I defer a semester mcmaster?

Log in to your Mosaic applicant portal….How to submit a deferral request

  1. Fill out the application along with details of your reason for the request (250 words or less).
  2. Once submitted, the Admissions and Faculty Offices will review.
  3. Once a decision has been reached, you will receive an email indicating any next steps.

What grade does McMaster look at?

The Admission Average Range used to determine eligibility for consideration is calculated using the best six Grade 12 U and/or M grades, including all required subjects. McMaster calculates averages to two decimal points and does not round up averages.

What GPA do you need for McMaster?

an overall GPA of at least 3.0, as calculated on the OMSAS 4.0 scale by the application deadline, a score of 123 or higher on the MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning section and.

Can I still drop a class after the deadline McMaster?

Note: As the Academic Calendar indicates, after the last day for enrolment and course changes, you can withdraw from courses until the last day to withdraw without failure by default .

What are the exam times at McMaster University?

Details Exams are scheduled Monday through Friday at 9:00am or 1:00pm. Exams cannot be scheduled on evenings or holidays. During the December and April examination period at McMaster University, exams can be scheduled during the following times: Monday through Saturday at 9:00am or 1:00pm.

Where can I find the McMaster Riso policy for 2021 exams?

The McMaster RISO Policy can be found here. Personal schedules are in Mosaic: Select the My Exam Schedule tile in Mosaic and then October 2021 Deferred Exams. Please note: we are closed until further notice.

What is a dynamic class at McMaster?

A historical list of all courses that are currently or have been offered at McMaster, with descriptions and additional course details. A dynamic class does not follow the regular start and end dates, drop and add dates or withdrawal dates for undergraduate students.

How do I find a course in mytimetable?

You can also review the catalogue description in MyTimetable – just go to ‘show more’ on each class in the left-hand column. When you search for a course through the ‘Add Courses’ section, the date, time and location of the class will appear on the timetable in the results section, under each course.