How do I comment out html5 code?

How do I comment out html5 code?

HTML comment Tag: Main Tips

  1. The is an HTML comment tag.
  2. To comment out in HTML, insert information between tags (browsers won’t show these notes).
  3. Commenting in HTML allows developers to leave notes about their code, its functionality or to indicate necessary changes for the future.

How do you comment out in JSP?

To add comments in a JSP page one should perform the following steps:

  1. Create a jsp page that begins with the <%code fragment%> scriptlet.
  2. Keep any html tags in the page outside the scriptlet.
  3. Add JSP comment using the <%– –%> tags.
  4. Add HTML comments using the

Can we write HTML comments in JSP?

A JSP comment is useful when you want to hide or “comment out”, a part of your JSP page….How to write a comment in a JSP page?

S.No. Syntax & Purpose
1 <%– comment –%> A JSP comment. Ignored by the JSP engine.
2 An HTML comment. Ignored by the browser.
3 <\% Represents static <% literal.
4 %\> Represents static %> literal.

How do you comment out your body in HTML?

To write HTML comments put — and —> at either end of the comment. HTML comments are notes to keep HTML code organized and are ignored by the browser.

Which is the correct way to comment out something in HTML Mcq?

Explanation: To comment out something in HTML, we have to place the information between the —and –> tags. Comments are some text or code which provides an explanation about the code and not visible to the user.

Which of the following are the different types of comments written in JSP?

Types of Comments in Java

  • Single-line Comments. As the name suggests, it is for the beginners and is in a single line Java comments.
  • Multi-line Comments.
  • Documentation Comments.

How do you add a comment on a JSP page?

There are multiple way to comment in a JSP file.

  1. < %– comment –%> A JSP comment. Ignored by the JSP engine.
  2. An HTML comment. Ignored by the browser.
  3. < % my code //my comment %> Java Single line comment. Ignored by the Compiler.
  4. < % my code /** my comment **/ %>

How many types of comments are available in JSP?

There is only one type of JSP comment available by JSP specification. This JSP comment tag tells the JSP container to ignore the comment part from compilation. That is, the commented part of source code is not considered for the content parsed for ‘response’.

Which are two ways to utilize comments in html5?

The comment tag () is used to insert comments in the HTML code….HTML Comments

  • Single-line comment.
  • Multi-lines comment.
  • Using tag.

How do I comment multiple lines in Fortran?

Do the following:

  1. Go to the first line among all the multiple block lines to comment and place the typing position to the first column,
  2. Press Alt+Shift in the keyboard,
  3. Select all the lines to comment,
  4. Unpress Alt+Shift from the keyboard.
  5. Type C/c It will work then . Check that out and tell me in the comments. Cheers!

Which of the following is the correct HTML tag to comment in HTML?

How does JSP handle HTML Comment tags in JSP?

The JSP container treats this HTML comment tag as equal as any other HTML tags. When view source is done, the content given between this tag is visible. This is not anyway related to the JSP container, it is the expected behaviour of this HTML tag.

How do I comment out HTML code?

To comment out HTML code, use the less than symbol ( <) followed by an exclamation mark (! ), 2 hyphens ( — ), the comment, 2 hyphens again ( — ), and greater than symbol ( > ).

What is the difference between HTML and Java comment?

An HTML comment. Ignored by the browser. It is visible in client machine (Browser source code) as a comment. Java Single line comment. Ignored by the Compiler.

What does <%= mean in JSP?

The key thing is that <%= defines the beginning of an expression, in which you can’t leave the body empty, but you could do something like this instead if the pure JSP comment doesn’t appeal to you: