How do I contact Allure magazine?

How do I contact Allure magazine?

If you have questions or need further assistance, contact Allure Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-678-1825 or email us.

How do I cancel my Allure magazine subscription?

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting customer service by phone or email.

  1. Email: Beaut[email protected]. Our team will respond within 48 business hours.
  2. Phone: 1-800-274-1603. Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 8:00PM CST. Saturday: 8:00AM – 4:00PM CST. Sunday: Closed.

Does Allure magazine still exist?

Allure is an American women’s magazine focused on beauty, published monthly by Condé Nast in New York City. It was founded in 1991 by Linda Wells. Michelle Lee replaced Wells in 2015.

How do I write to Allure magazine?

Order your submissions by launch date (newest to oldest), and email them to us at [email protected]. Best of Beauty also includes a Best of Beauty Clean seal, to celebrate the all-time best beauty products that meet the Allure Clean standard.

What is Sub Data Pro?

SubDataPro (SDP) is a data processing company facilitating subscriptions from independent sales offices to publishers. When subscribers directly call the publishers, the customer is typically sent to SDP for assistance.

Is Allure a black magazine?

Black Beauty magazine focuses on beauty for women of color whereas Allure has a diverse range of subject matter for women of all backgrounds.

How much does Allure magazine cost?

Don’t miss out and subscribe to Allure today! Cover price is $3.99 an issue, current renewal rate is 10 issues for $19.99. Allure, published by Condé Nast, currently publishes 10 times annually. Your first issue mails in 8-10 weeks.

Where is Allure based?

New York, New York
Allure (group)

Origin New York, New York, United States
Genres R&B
Years active 1996–present
Labels Crave MCA Tru Warier Records A.L.A. Recordings/CEA’s Music Group Bridge Works/Interscope

Who is SubDataPro?

How do I contact allure customer service?

If you already have a subscription and you’d like some information about it, you can go directly to our online customer-care site. If you have other subscription-related questions, Subscriber Services can be reached toll-free at 800-678-1825. Allure offers many ways to connect with our engaged beauty enthusiasts.

How do I change my address for Allure magazine?

You can now change your address for Allure magazine directly at the publisher web-site. Please follow the Address Change link for publisher customer service form. How do I contact Allure by phone? You can call Allure using the customer service number above for phone support. Most calls will be answered Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm EST.

What is allure subscriber services?

Welcome to Allure Subscriber Services! Magazine Subscriber Services is a free online service that allows you to quickly contact Allure publisher for all your magazine subscription needs. We do not represent Allure publisher and we provide a simple and easy way to locate each publisher and contact them directly.

Can I subscribe to Allure magazine as a gift?

You can Subscribe or Renew your Allure magazine in both print or digital format if available, including ordering a gift subscription to Allure magazine. Please follow the links provided. How do I change my mailing address for Allure?