How do I create a link to my LinkedIn profile?

How do I create a link to my LinkedIn profile?

Click Contact info in your introduction section. In the pop-up window that appears, click the Edit icon. In the pop-up window that appears, click Add website. Copy and paste your website address into the Website URL field.

How can I make my LinkedIn profile robust?

Write about your achievements and specialties. Add pictures, slideshows, and videos to your summary (and to your experience – discussed below). A picture truly speaks a thousand words. Link your experience to your Company LinkedIn page thus adding your Company logo to your profile.

Does LinkedIn have a URL shortener?

And LinkedIn is launching an official URL shortener,, for any links shared from its site. With new public vs. private controls, you get complete control over who sees what you’re sharing both on the network or on Twitter, whether it’s everyone, your connections, a group, or a specific individual.

How do I improve my LinkedIn profile 2021?

6 Tips to Help Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out in 2021

  1. Professional Photo.
  2. Create an Eye-Catching Headline.
  3. Create a Summary Statement.
  4. Choose a Background Image.
  5. Showcase Your Professional Work.

What is robust profile?

Robust Profile Clustering (RPC) provides a dual flexible clustering model, where participants may cluster at two levels: (1) globally, where participants are clustered according to behaviors shared across an overall population, and (2) locally, where individual behaviors can deviate and cluster in subpopulations.

How do I link to my GitHub profile?

GitHub URL Tutorial

  1. On the GitHub website, click on you repository of interest.
  2. Locate the green button named Code and click on it. The GitHub URL will appear.
  3. Copy the GitHub URL.
  4. Open a Git client such as the BASH shell or GitHub Desktop on your local machine.
  5. Use the GitHub URL to clone the remote repo.

How do I add LinkedIn link to GitHub?

Why feature your GitHub account on LinkedIn?

  1. In your LinkedIn account, click on Contact info.
  2. Next, click on the Edit button at the top right of the little window that opens.
  3. Then, click on Add a website.
  4. And from the drop down on the right, pick Other.
  5. Add your GitHub url in the website URL field.

How to create a short URL for your LinkedIn profile?

Steps in creating a short LinkedIn profile URL. 1. Go to your profile. Login to your account, and click ‘Profile’ from the menu at the top of the screen. 2. Update your public profile settings.

Should I Simplify my LinkedIn url?

I’ve simplified my URL, and you should, too. When you first set up your profile on LinkedIn, the site will automatically assign a URL or web address to access your public profile on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn URL is a combination of your first and last name plus some numbers and letters, and random slashes “/” for reasons unknown.

Can I Change my LinkedIn profile url?

However, when you initially join LinkedIn, you’re given a long, difficult to remember profile URL. This can be a problem when trying to share it with others you want to network with. The solution is to create a custom URL for your LinkedIn Profile that can make it more recognizable and easier to use. By customizing your URL, you’d change:

How do I edit my profile settings?

On the main menu bar at the top of the page, hover over Profile with your mouse and select Edit Profile. Hover your cursor over the current profile URL under your profile picture. The settings icon will appear next to the URL.