How do I find out if I owe taxes in CT?

How do I find out if I owe taxes in CT?

You may also call 1-800-382-9463 (Connecticut calls outside the Greater Hartford calling area only) and select Option 2; or 860-297-4753 (from anywhere).

How do I contact Connecticut Department of Revenue?

Call 877-729-6691 to speak directly to a representative. The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) offers a variety of fast and convenient taxpayer service options. Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Where do I mail my federal tax return in CT?

Mailing Addresses

If you are filing Form… and you are not making a payment:
CT-1040 Department of Revenue Services State of Connecticut PO BOX 2976 Hartford CT 06104-2976
CT-1040NR/PY Department of Revenue Services PO Box 2976 Hartford CT 06104-2976
CT-1040ES N/A

Why do I always owe CT taxes?

Why Do I Owe State Taxes. You might owe state taxes because you have a different personal tax situation. Usually, if you got a refund the previous year, you should be able to have another one this year as long as you have the same situation. But tax years 2018 and 2019 were different.

What is a tax warrant in CT?

A Tax Warrant, as defined in CGS§ 12-130, commands the Collector of Revenue to collect all taxes that are due for the current fiscal year. It also stipulates the legal action that may be taken to collect the taxes.

Can I contact revenue by phone?

Revenue can deal with simpler RICT queries from companies on the phone. Call (01) 858 9843 between the hours of 9.30am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday.

How long does it take to get CT State tax refund 2022?

10 to 12 weeks
Your Connecticut refund status is available via phone: 800-382-9463 from anywhere, or in the Greater Hartford calling area call +1 860-297-5962. Generally, it takes 10 to 12 weeks to process paper returns and a shorter time to process e-filed returns.

How long does it take to get your CT state tax return?

10-12 weeks
Connecticut state income tax refunds are generally issued within 10-12 weeks from the date that a paper return is received. Tax Refunds for electronically filed, WebFiled or Telefiled returns generally are issued within 4 business days of the receipt of the return.

Are services taxable in Connecticut?

“Today, Connecticut has a surplus, and we did it without broad-based tax increases that need it,” state Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Mark Boughton said during Wednesday

How to pay CT taxes?

online or telephone banking (Faster Payments)

  • by CHAPS
  • through your online bank account
  • What is taxable service in CT?

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    What is the state income tax in Connecticut?

    Businesses are taking a second look at Connecticut, with 28 major employers having recently relocated their headquarters to the state or expanded their footprint here. That’s because we have lower taxes than many of our neighbors, more affordable housing