How do I install Zend Guard Loader?

How do I install Zend Guard Loader?

Download and extract the Zend Guard Loader (Runtime for PHP 5.5 or 5.6) package from at:

  1. Locate and extract the (Linux) or ZendLoader. dll (Windows) that corresponds to your PHP version.
  2. Add the following line to your ‘php. ini’ file for loading the ZendGuardLoader:

Does Zend Guard support PHP 7?

Zend Guard Loader is an extension that makes it possible to use PHP files encoded with Zend Guard, a tool used by some proprietary PHP applications to protect access to the app’s source code. Currently, Zend Guard Loader only supports PHP 5.5 and 5.6. It does not yet support PHP 7.0 and no longer supports PHP 5.4.

Is Zend Guard free?

Free runtime application that enables PHP to run the scripts encoded by Zend Guard. It can be used freely by anyone looking to run encoded…

How do I install Zend Optimizer?

Installing Zend Optimizer

  1. Log in or register with your Zend account. The Zend Optimizer – Free Download page opens.
  2. Select the Optimizer version that corresponds with the platform system you use and clink on “Download Now”
  3. Select the Save option and save the selected file on to your local system.

How can I protect my PHP code?

The only way to really protect your php-applications from other, is to not share the source code. If you post you code somewhere online, or send it to you customers by some medium, other people than you have access to the code. You could add an unique watermark to every single copy of your code.

How do you encode with ionCube?

Copyright 2002-2021 ionCube Ltd….Context menu options

  1. Open: open the file with the default application for the appropriate file type or preferred editor.
  2. Open With: open a file with a choice of application.
  3. Encode PHP file: set the item to be encoded as a PHP language source file.
  4. Encrypt non-PHP file: encrypt the file.

How do I install Zend extensions?

How to enable PHP and Zend Extensions for your deployment

  1. Create an ini file under .bp-config/php/php.ini.d/ In the root folder of your application create the directory structure ./bp-config/php/php.ini.d/
  2. Specify the list of extensions. You can use the below format to enable extensions in your .
  3. Deploy your applicaiton.

How do I install Zend Optimizer on Windows?

How do I encrypt my source code?

Copy and paste A COPY of the source code of your HTML file below and click on “Encrypt Source Code”. The new code generated will be your new source code for your web page, and this new code will be less readible yet equally operational as the original code. Always retain a copy of the original code. View the source…

How to install Zend Guard Loader in PHP?

Installing the Zend Guard Loader module requires three simple things: copy the module file to a special place, add this path to a php config file and restart your web server. Now lets break down the three steps. As you can see in the downloaded package the Zend Guard Loader is only a single file.

Can I use Zend Guard Loader with Amazon cloud AWS EC2?

If you have a Linux instance in the Amazon Cloud AWS EC2 and need Zend Guard Loader for your web application this procedure is the same because most default instances are based on CentOS/RedHat.

How do I download files from Zend to Linux?

There is a handy little utility called wget for retrieving files with HTTP or FTP protocols. Once you have the correct link name from above you can paste it to the wget command and download the file from Zend directly to your Linux box. Extract the tar.gz and you should be ready for the next steps.

What is a runtime in Zend?

Zend calls it a runtime but in terms of the installation on your Linux system this file is known as a module. You can or should copy this module to one specific location but it is up to your preference because in the next step you can add an absolute path.