How do I know how much my Raggedy Ann doll is worth?

How do I know how much my Raggedy Ann doll is worth?

While there are no tags or labels to tell you what year your doll was made, there are other ways to determine a Raggedy Ann doll’s value. One way to value your doll is to scour online sites or doll collector books for clues.

Are old Raggedy Ann dolls worth anything?

All these examples have red hair and printed features on the faces, but can still be worth more than $200 each in good to excellent condition. Even Knickerbocker Toy Company’s Raggedy Ann, produced from 1963 to 1982, can be worth more than $100 for a 36-inch doll.

What is the most expensive Raggedy Ann doll?

24 Volland Raggedy Ann And Andy Dolls – $3,000 Having been copyrighted in 1915, these famous dolls are more than 100 years old. These dolls can be auctioned up to $3,000 dollars and can be recognized by feeling their cardboard hearts inside.

What is the oldest Raggedy Ann doll?

Although the Raggedy Ann books were successful, the vintage Raggedy Ann dolls became more popular. The earliest dolls are marked with the patent date of September 7, 1915, on their back torso.

How much is a Andy doll worth?

They can be worth $500 or more. Gruelle preferred cartooning to dolls. Before his death in 1938 he wrote some Raggedy Ann and Andy books, worth in the range of $50 to a $100 today. It was his grandchildren who began marketing Ann and Andy in earnest.

Are Raggedy Ann and Andy still made?

The original U.S. Patent D47789 for the 1915 doll design, as well as the Raggedy Ann Stories (1918) and Raggedy Andy Stories (1920) books, are in the public domain, their copyrights having expired. The Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls and their related memorabilia have become sought-after collectors’ items.

Are Raggedy Ann dolls popular?

Created over 100 years ago, (1915, to be precise), the Raggedy Ann doll is one of the most famous and well-known vintage toys. With its cute triangle nose and thick, red hair, the doll was a hit amongst children from the very beginning.

What was the original price of a Raggedy Ann doll?

Raggedy Ann 15″ Doll in Original Box / Joy of a Toy Knickerbocker Toy Co. Inc / Style No.0001 Johnny Gruelle’s Own. ElizabethOnForbes. 5 out of 5 stars. (53) $225.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites.

Who sells Raggedy Ann dolls?

Storekeeper. · 2 years ago. Yes, our Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls have all the details of the originals, including the fabric, button eyes, and sewn on hearts. Customer Service. The Vermont Country Store.

How much did Raggedy Ann and Andy cost?

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Bookends. Malama1. 5 out of 5 stars. (207) $36.50 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to. Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Bookends . Retro 1970s Hand Painted Book Ends .

What does Raggedy Ann symbolize?

What does Raggedy Ann symbolize? Raggedy Ann is an Iconic Symbol for Vaccine Injury and Death . The time is about 1917. Smallpox rears its ugly face and mass