How do I livestream with Atem?

How do I livestream with Atem?

Simply connect an HDMI laptop into ATEM Mini to use it as a source. Set up one camera for the presenter, and one computer for the slides. Connect to ATEM Mini and start streaming!

How do I stream Blackmagic ATEM?

If you’re streaming, then all models use USB as a webcam. First connect the USB to a computer. Your computer will recognize ATEM Mini as a webcam and you can then select it as the webcam source in your streaming software, such as Skype.

Can you livestream with ATEM Mini?

ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme models have a built in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via their ethernet connections. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with simpler settings.

How do I add an ATEM mini to OBS?

Make sure the Blackmagic ATEM Mini (or your live streaming switcher) is turned on and connected. In OBS, select the Add icon under Sources then Video Capture Device to add the webcam to the scene. Enter a name for the webcam (e.g., Blackmagic) then select OK.

Can Atem mini extreme stream to multiple platforms?

All switching is in real time so you can live stream to any social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, TwitchTV & many more! ATEM Mini is fast to set up & easy to use.

Can ATEM Mini Extreme stream to multiple platforms?

What is Decklink output OBS?

Decklink Output Filter – OBS filter to output a specific scene or source to a Decklink card. This filter adds the ability to output individual scenes or sources to Blackmagic capture cards. Known issues: – Won’t output the individual scene or source audio, just the master mix.

What is the Atem Television Studio HD?

The ATEM Television Studio HD model is the true professional switcher that’s packed into an incredibly tiny rack size, making it compact and portable enough to use anywhere! The all in one design includes a built in AC power supply, full front panel controls with input source buttons for switching, a built in LCD screen, spin knob and more.

Does Atem television studio have talkback audio?

ATEM Television Studio features built in talkback that takes advantage of rarely used SDI channels 15 and 16 to send talkback audio to and from the camera. There’s also headset connections on the front panel for talking to and listening from cameras that support SDI talkback.

How do I connect to live production switchers with DeckLink?

Connecting to live production switchers is easy. If you’re using DeckLink as a media player then you can run title software or animations in RGB using the DeckLink 4K Extreme model and output fill and key on the dual link SDI outputs.

How many inputs does Atem Television Studio Pro 4K support?

With 8 independent 12G-SDI inputs, ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K can handle all popular HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. Each input features re-sync as well as a full low latency standards converter so input is automatically adapted to the switcher’s format. That means you can even have 8 inputs, all running different video formats!