How do I pair my mouse with gyration?

How do I pair my mouse with gyration?

Connect Air Mouse Voice to your PC or Mac using the computer’s Bluetooth connection wizard. Press the Bluetooth ‘connect’ button on the mouse, then pair it in the computer’s Bluetooth connection window. At this point, your Air Mouse Voice should be functioning properly as a two-button mouse.

How do I pair my Gyration wireless keyboard?

Remove the charger from your computer’s USB port. Insert the wireless USB receiver into the USB port. Press the connection button on your USB receiver and the Gyration wireless mouse.

What is a wireless air mouse?

VAT R 287.00. VAT R 330.05. The Air Mouse is a Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Mouse. It can be used for Presentations or Home and Office use. High precision six-axis gyro.

How do you charge a mouse gyration?

2 Plug one end of the included USB charging cable into the desktop charger and the other end into an available USB port, Place the mouse on the charging cradle and charge for 8 hours. The blue LED will flash while charging.

Why is my Airmouse not working?

Verify that the Charge cradle is plugged into an AC adapter or a USB port on your system. If plugged into the system, make sure the system is turned on. If it still doesn’t show lights, remove and reinstall the battery on the mouse to reset the mouse.

How do I pair my Mibox remote?

How to pair Xiaomi Mi Box S and remote controller?

  1. # Step 1: First, set the battery to the remote control.
  2. # Step 2: Go to Settings > System Settings > Network > Bluetooth.
  3. # Step 3: Now press the Bluetooth button.
  4. # Step 4: Now click Search Device > Searched Device > Click.

How do I connect my air mouse to my TV?

PAIR THE REMOTE – To pair the remote with your smart TV device, unplugged the USB Receiver from your smart TV device (within 1 foot), press and hold the TV and OK buttons together at the same time for 15 seconds, and then release both buttons.