How do you describe the feeling wheel?

How do you describe the feeling wheel?

To get a better picture, a Feelings Wheel is a circle that at the center has “core” or basic emotions (emotions that are more easily identified or expressed) and more complex or “secondary” emotions on the outer edge.

What are 5 feeling words?

This online interactive tool breaks down emotions into five main categories:

  • anger.
  • fear.
  • sadness.
  • disgust.
  • enjoyment.

What are words that show feelings?

List of Emotions: 135 Words that Express Feelings

  • Anger. Disgust: Contempt, disgust, revulsion.
  • Fear. Horror: Alarm, fear, fright, horror, hysteria, mortification, panic, shock, terror.
  • Joy.
  • Love.
  • Sadness.
  • Surprise.

How do you use the feeling wheel in therapy?

As you move from the center toward the outer edges of the wheel, you’ll find more specific feelings — from love to romantic, for example, then on to enamored. Having more complex emotional states to choose from can help you really get to the heart of your feelings when basic emotions just don’t cut it.

What are the 34000 emotions?

Can you guess how many emotions a human can experience? It’s around 34,000….The Wheel of Emotions

  • joy and sadness.
  • acceptance and disgust.
  • fear and anger.
  • surprise and anticipation.

How to use the feelings wheel?

There are two ways to use the wheel, either as a two-dimensional circle or a three-dimensional ellipse. Utilizing it as a two-dimensional circle lets the individual dive into the emotion wheel. This then helps them discover what primary emotions they are feeling, as well as how emotions combine to create secondary emotions like awe, remorse, aggression, optimism, etc.).

How to use feeling wheel?

– Clear and brief: emotions Provides a snapshot view of emotions, and the way they are trigged in the mind. Outlines the developmental levels our emotions grow through. – Seeing Emotions Sometimes it helps to see a visual explanation of a word or concept. – Extra: How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

What are feeling words called?

“There a few words for how we are feeling this morning.” The school lost “all of A Block (our biggest block by the field) eight classrooms, toilets, temporary staffroom and the leaky building repairs.” Akroyd praised the local volunteer Fire and Emergency crew who put in a huge effort to contain the fire and continued to work to make the area safe.

How to use emotion wheel?

Explore what emotions you value

  • Explore what contributes to your happiness
  • Learn to pay attention to the positive