How do you finish a flat kumihimo braid?

How do you finish a flat kumihimo braid?

If you are glueing the braid end into a clasp, you can finish it simply in this way: Before you take the braid off the disk or marudai, braid an extra half inch or so at the end. Wrap a piece of waste thread (the red thread in the picture) around the braid at the very end and pull it off.

Can you add beads to a kumihimo braid?

Once you have the basics down on how to create a Kumihimo braid you will more than likely want to try adding some beads to the braid. This involves a little more prep time before you get started but the results are well worth it.

How do you make kumihimo with beads?


  1. Gather your tools and materials.
  2. Measure your cord.
  3. Gather the 8 cut cords and line up the ends of the strands.
  4. Place the knotted end of your cords at the center of your Kumihimo disk.
  5. Place the remaining cords in the slots on either side of dots 24 and 8.
  6. Now it’s time to string the beads.

How do you do a 8 strand flat braid?

Split your strands into two groups – 4 on the left, 4 on the right. Start with the farthest left strand – take it over, under, over. Let it join the group on the right (which will now have 5 strands.) Now take the farthest right strand under, over, under, over, and let it join the group on the left.

What size beads for Kumihimo?

In kumihimo it works best with size 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads; freshwater pearls; and other beads with very narrow holes.

How to make your own beaded kumihimo pattern?

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  • How to make kumihimo patterns?

    Remove the braid from the disk and tie a knot on the unfinished end. Using Nymo D string, tie a knot close to the end of the Kumihimo braid. Wrap one end of the Nymo around the braid as tight as you can. Use the other end of the Nymo to wrap around the braid in the opposite direction from the first.

    How to make a kumihimo braid?

    – There are many color patterns that you can make with this simple braid. – Before putting your disk down, work step 1. – If finished length is a priority for you, add extra length to your initial strands. – To stretch out your braid as you work, attach a small weight, such as a fishing weight, to the center knot.

    How to create kumihimo bead clusters?

    To see how that that is done, please watch our video: How to Create Kumihimo Bead Clusters. From what you learned in the above videos, cut 2 lengths 12 feet each of plum cord and cut 2 lengths 12 feet each of avocado cord. Fold them in half and tie an overhand knot at the center of the cords so you have 8 strands.