How do you get gems fast in World Chef?

How do you get gems fast in World Chef?

  1. You can earn gold coins from:
  2. – Serving your clients the dishes you have made – you can see in the Academy how much each dish sells for once you have unlocked the Chef.
  3. – Selling items on the Social Market to other players.
  4. – Selling items to the salesman Tex.
  5. – Completing an event in the Chill out area.

How do you get more chainsaws in World Chef?

Chainsaw – This is used to clear a plot of land and to clear your Vineyard. You can collect all of these TOOLS as tips from customers, in the Wholesale delivery crates or buy them from other players in the Social Market. The tools are stored in either your Ingredients or Dish storage rooms.

How do you get good at World Chef?

World Chef Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

  1. Remember: It’s not a time management game.
  2. Keep basic ingredients cooking constantly.
  3. Check the market every so often.
  4. Keep your ingredients stocked up.
  5. Upgrade your storage (though not right away)
  6. Save time by learning how to read customers’ icons.

How do you expand your restaurant in world chef?

– Buy the land with gold or (if you do not have enough) you can use gems. – Once you have bought the land it will be highlighted with a darker green grass. – Press down on the area which you would like to expand and choose your flooring.

How do you play World Chef?

The gameplay loop in World Chef is easy to learn. Customers come into your restaurant, sit down, and ask for a type of food. You then cook the food using one of your chefs – ingredients are either bought at the market (like beef for a patty) or cooked at another station (like a patty for a burger).

How do you add walls in World Chef 2021?

You can easily build new Walls by tapping on the Shop (cash register) in the bottom right of the screen and then select the Decorations tab. Here select the button “Object Type” and then “Walls”, this will open all the different wall types available to use.