How do you get new monsters in Monster Rancher 4?

How do you get new monsters in Monster Rancher 4?

Monsters are created via a “Saucer Stone” regeneration system. Players must go to a Shrine, where they swap the Monster Rancher 4 disc with a CD, DVD, or another game disc. A monster is then generated from the data contained on that disc.

How do you increase breeder rank in Monster Rancher 4?

Actions that increase experience for Breeder Rank:

  1. Receiving a GREAT on Training: +2.
  2. Receiving an AMAZING on Training: +3.
  3. Winning an OPEN or OFFICIAL Tourney: +1.
  4. Winning a DUEL or SPECIAL Tourney: +2.
  5. Completing REGULAR Adventure levels: +5.
  6. Completing BOSS Adventure levels: +10.

How do you get the Joker in Monster Rancher 3?


  1. To obtain a Joker in Monster Rancher 2, raise your monster to Class B with at least 50 Fame and 280 Life.
  2. To obtain a Joker in Monster Rancher 3, unlock Goat.
  3. To obtain a Joker in Monster Rancher 4, use the DVD The Dark Crystal or the PSX game Spyro 2: Rypto’s Rage.

How do you get the Phoenix in Monster Rancher 4?

To obtain a Phoenix in Monster Rancher 4, attain Rank S. Wit will stop by the ranch and tell you about trouble at the Kawrea Volcano. Adventure there to Floor 3 and touch the Gaea Stone. Later on, return to the Volcano (Floor 10) and defeat the final boss to “finish” the game.

How many Monster Rancher games are there?

fourteen games
The series consists of fourteen games across different video game platforms, as well as an anime. A remaster collection of Monster Rancher 1 and 2 released on December 9, 2021. As of 2007, the series has sold 4 million copies.

How do you beat Monster Rancher?

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX: Beginner Tips

  1. Save Often. ​​​​​​​
  2. Take Advantage of Sales.
  3. Make Sure You Have Some Savings.
  4. Look After Your Monster.
  5. Your Monster Will Eventually Die.
  6. Move Around In Battle.
  7. CDs Generate Different Monsters In Each Game.
  8. Take Part In Tournaments Often.

How do you get the golden peach in Monster Rancher 2?

You can also obtain a Golden Peach by winning the Legend Cup, completing your Encyclopedia, getting all of the Zodiac Monsters, raising one of each main breed of monster to Rank SS, or completing the tournament list given in your Breeder Data.

How did Monster Rancher end?

After rescuing Holly’s father, the gang waits for him to awaken. Then, the Mystery Disk gets stolen by General Durahan, who becomes possessed by Moo. In the end, Durahan and his team help the gang destroy Moo forever.

Can you play Monster Rancher 4 on the PlayStation 2?

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What do you do in Monster Rancher?

Much like past versions you get control of a small ranch and build it up, while also raising monster (s). The monsters you can either get from in-game, or pull them off DVD’s and CD’s. Half the fun of Monster Rancher is putting in your favorite discs and seeing what you get from them.

How do you use the controls on the ranch?

For the basics when on the ranch: L1/R1: Switch monster display (if you’re raising multiple monsters) Directional/Left Analog: Choose commands Square: Show command Menu Circle: Show data screen X: Enter commands Triangle: Cancel commands Battle moves are customizable so controls can change.

What is walkthru MR4 like?

2.0 WALKTHROUGH MR 4 is very linear, so only brief descriptions are used. I: Starting Off You start off with a long involved scene where you have just met TEETEE and neither of you are happy with the situation. CESARE takes you in and sets you up with your first monster and the ranch.