How do you pair TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones TT BH06?

How do you pair TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones TT BH06?

Turn on the Bluetooth mode on your mobile device. It will automatically search for other Bluetooth enabled devices nearby. Choose the “TaoTronics TT-BH06” device from the list. Has the pairing been successful, the headphone’s LED will stay solid blue.

How do I pair my TT headphones?

Pairing Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones to Your Phone

  1. Activate your Taotronics Bluetooth headphones’s pairing mode.
  2. Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  3. Select the correct headphones and pair with it.
  4. Your Taotronics Bluetooth headphones is now connected to the phone successfully.

Where is the multifunction button on TaoTronics headphones?

Step 2. Press and hold the multi function button (middle) on the headset control unit for approx 3 to 5 seconds. The LEDs will flash red and blue. The headphones are now ready for pairing and can be connected with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

What is the multifunction button on TaoTronics headphones?

How to Control the TaoTronics Sport Earphones?

Function Operation
Play / Pause Press the Multifunction Button once
Volume + / – Press the Volume + / – Button once
Next / Previous Track Press and hold the Volume + / – Button
Answer / Hang up Calls Press the Multifunction Button Once

Why is my TaoTronics not pairing?

If the transmitter cannot pair with your Bluetooth device, clear the pairing history by pressing the Power Button twice when the transmitter are on until the LED indicator flashes red and blue alternately. Then restart the transmitter to pair again.

How do I pair my TaoTronics Bluetooth speaker?

How to Connect the TaoTronics Soundbar Bluetooth? Plug the sound bar to power, press and hold the Power Button until a beep is heard. The device is in the Bluetooth mode initially. When the indicator starts to flash fast, activate the Bluetooth function on your device and search for devices nearby.

How do I turn on my TaoTronics headphones?

The first time you use the headphones, press and hold the Multifunction Button until the LED indicator flashes red and blue alternately. Now the headphones are in pairing mode. Activate Bluetooth® on your phone and search for nearby Bluetooth® connections.

How do I reset my TT Bluetooth headphones?

Reset method Please press the +/- button of the headset at the same time until the LED flashes purple light twice, and then turn on the headset to complete the reset. to make.

How do I reset my TaoTronics headphones?

Tap and hold the Multifunction Touch Control of both earbuds for 10 seconds until the LED indicators flash three times to enter reset mode. Take out both earbuds, and they will pair with each other automatically.

How do I reset my TaoTronics Bluetooth?

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