How do you record your name on Vocera?

How do you record your name on Vocera?

6. Record your name: Press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say “Record my name.” The Genie will prompt you to record your name. If you do not record your name, the Vocera system uses speech synthesis to say your name.

How do I set up my Vocera?

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  1. Set a Voice Reminder on Your Badge.
  2. Call a User by First Name and Department.
  3. Delete Learned Names on Your Vocera Badge.
  4. Activating Handset Mode on Vocera Badge.
  5. Find out who is logged in to a Badge.

How do I send a text on Vocera?

From the Secure Messages screen, you can send a new message.

  1. In the Secure Messages screen, tap the Compose icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Tap New Text to create a new message without a template.
  3. Filter the recipient list using one of the following options, available at the top left of the screen:

What are the three characteristics of the Vocera badge?

Vocera Badge

  • Communicate hands-free.
  • Receive secure text messages.
  • Get prioritized alarm & alert notifications.
  • Broadcast to groups.
  • Initiate and join conference calls.
  • Schedule reminders.

What is Vocera training?

Vocera University offers a hands-on, interactive educational experience through classroom training, distance learning or customized courseware. Training courses are provided for systems administrators, IT professionals, as well as industry-specific, end-user educators.

How do you put Vocera on Do Not Disturb?

To put the application in Do Not Disturb mode, go to the Call screen, and tap the Do Not Disturb button while no call is in progress. When you are in Do Not Disturb mode, the background color of the Call screen and the Do Not Disturb button is orange.

How long does it take Vocera battery to charge?

When to Charge the Battery New batteries must be charged before use. It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge a battery.

What is the Vocera system?

The Vocera® Communication System enables instant, wireless voice communication that users control with naturally spoken commands from the small, wearable Vocera B3000n Communication Badge.

What are Vocera badges?

Vocera Badge A wearable device for users who communicate primarily with voice and need to receive basic text messages and alarm notifications.