How do you restart fish Tycoon?

How do you restart fish Tycoon?

Please open the game, tap the gear icon, and then tap “Get Help” to contact Support with your game’s information. It is possible to restart the game, but you’ll need to contact Support in order to do that, as we will have to get information from you to reset your game.

How do you reset your progress in fish Tycoon 2?

You have to delete your save game file. Uninstalling normally doesn’t affect those. Originally posted by wickeddelight: You have to delete your save game file.

How long does it take fish to grow in fish Tycoon 2?

It takes roughly a single real time hour for the fish to reach 6 years of age, so to become an adult (20 years old), it would take almost 3 and a half real time hours from the time they hatch. The formula “InstaGrow” will age all fry in that tank to be adults, instantly.

How do you sell fish in fish Tycoon 2?

Drag the fish you want to sell to the “Sale Tank” (top right) and then click on the “Sell Fish” button. Notes: You can always go to the Sale Tank to check out the fish that are in the selling tank. You can only sell adult fish.

How do you start over in virtual families 3?

1) Tap the orange “Menu” button at the lower-left of the game play area. 2) Then tap whichever screen you want to view: Settings, Goals, Family, Buy Coins, Help, Upgrades!, Store, Collections. 3) Tap “Done” to return to the game play area. 4) To leave the Menu tap the “X” in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How do you restart virtual families 3?

To do that, open VF3 on your iPad, tap Menu, then Settings, then tap the green Contact Support button (above the Done button at the lower right). That will open an email with the information that the support team needs to reset your game data, so make sure you leave the pre-filled information intact.

How old do fish get Fish Tycoon?

A rare fish can survive the baby stage, but not the teen stage. The adult stage starts at age 20 and has no end. An adult fish can be inspected in the isolation tank, can breed and can be sold. The duration of 1 “fish year” depends on the speed you set.