How do you use God mode in Half Life?

How do you use God mode in Half Life?

God mode. Enable Cheat mode. Then press ~ (tilde) and enter “/god” at the console window.

How do I turn off God mode in Half Life?

Try this :

  1. Sv_cheats 1.
  2. Quicksave.
  3. Quickload.
  4. God.
  5. Sv_cheats 0.

How do I enable God Mode in Half Life Opposing Force?

Enable Cheat mode, then press tilde [~] and enter “/god” at the console window.

How do you get unlimited ammo in Half-Life?

How do you give yourself infinite ammo in Half Life? Impulse 101 (put into the console) will give you all the weapons and fill up your ammo though. Activate the console via options; keyboard; advanced;~ for console. Then press ~ and turn cheats on by typing sv_cheats 1 into the command line.

How do I disable cheats in Black Mesa?

Originally posted by 𝐅𝐨𝐤𝐳: It’s definetly sv_cheats, then 0 for cheats off and 1 for cheats on. If you want to enable godmode, write god to toggle it on and god again when you wanna disable it.

How do you skip the half life in the opposing force intro?

All you have to do is start OpFor with the cheats on, start a new game or boot camp, and type “map c0a0” to start from the train, “map c1a0” to skip the train intro, or “map t0a0” for the hazard course. Now, just type “impulse 101” to get all the weapons including those from OpFor!!!!!

How do you spawn weapons in Half Life Opposing Force?

Start the “boot camp” and type /noclip in the console to walk through walls. Go straight through the floor then and you reach a room with the hidden message “DMM 1999″….Half Life: Opposing Force Cheat.

Code Result
give x* Gives Any Item
give weapon x** Give weapon x
give ammo_556 Ammo for M249
give ammo_762 Ammo for Sniper Rifle