How do you use the Vileda Magic mop?

How do you use the Vileda Magic mop?

You just need to push down on the lever and the mop folds itself in half, wringing out any excess water, then you pull it back up to revert it to the flat head.

Is Vileda mop good?

GHI Expert Verdict. The Vileda Steam Mop gave good results on hard floors, and is easy to use and very manoeuvrable. Downsides are that there is no trigger switch and the water tank is not removable. It refreshes and lifts carpet pile but does not clean carpet, it is also fast to heat up and it leaves floors dry.

How do you squeeze a Vileda mop?

Ideal for standard sized cotton mops….USAGE INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Hold the mop in an upright position and place the mop fibres into the center of the bucket between the rollers.
  2. Stand to the side of the bucket.
  3. Keep foot on the pedal and slowly lift the mop out of the bucket to wring out the water.

How long should a mop head last?

Replace the mop head when needed. Prevent your mop from becoming a cleaning hazard by replacing the mop head. Aim for a replacement every two to three months or sooner if it looks very dirty. Your floors are only as clean as your mop head; a soiled and worn mop will not be effective.

Can I use vileda steam mop on carpet?

You can also use the Vileda Steam Mop for refreshing your carpets – just clip on the carpet gliding tool, I quickly tried out this feature on the rug in the hallway which always gets lots of feet traipsing over it. It worked well and the rug came up looking refreshed.

Why is my vileda steam mop not steaming?

Perhaps the water isn’t hot enough when you start using it to produce steam. Make sure to wait until the mop is hot enough to do its job properly. Let your steam mop heat the water to around 212 ℉ (100 ℃). This temperature will give you the proper amount of steam and is the right temperature to kill germs.