How far is Marco Polo Airport from Venice city?

How far is Marco Polo Airport from Venice city?

The distance between Venice Marco Polo Airport and Venice is 7 km. The road distance is 14.2 km.

Where is Venice M Polo airport?

Venice Marco Polo Airport is located nearly 5 miles (8 km) to the north of Venice. It is the city’s main international airport and the fourth busiest airport in the whole of Italy. Marco Polo Airport is much closer to Venice than Treviso Airport and is better communicated.

Are there 2 airports in Venice?

Venice has one official international airport on the shores of the lagoon, called Venice Marco Polo Airport, and another nearby airport, Treviso, is used by budget airline Ryanair.

How much is transfer from Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

The starting fee for a private transfer is 120€ (without meet & greet and any assistance). How long does water taxi take from Venice to Marco Polo airport? The standard time is 30 / 35 minutes. We usually suggest to schedule your pickup at least 2,5 hours before your flight departure time.

How much is taxi from Venice to Marco Polo Airport?

around 35-40 euros
The taxi stand is right in front of the airport, just outside the main door. You can expect the fees to be around 35-40 euros, and about 25 minutes transportation time.

How far is Venice Airport to Venice city centre?

It takes one hour and 22 minutes to travel by Venice Airport water bus (or water taxi). The cost is EUR 8. Taxis will take 20 minutes to get to the city, and fares begin at EUR 57. The distance between the airport and the city is 12 km.

Is Treviso Airport the same as Marco Polo?

Marco Polo airport is best suited for business and luxury travellers as the airport is nearer to Venice and offers a lot more facilities than the Treviso Airport. Treviso Airport mostly handles flights from within Europe. It is used by low cost airlines like Ryan Air and Wizz Air.