How fast can a Pilatus PC-12 go?

How fast can a Pilatus PC-12 go?

313 mph
The Pilatus PC-12 has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 1742 miles and a maximum speed of 313 mph.

How much horsepower does a Pilatus PC-12 have?

The new Pilatus PC-12 NGX features a Pratt & Whitney PT6E-67XP engine and maximum cruise speeds of 290 knots. Photo by Mark Wagner. Leading the list of new features is its new Pratt & Whitney PT6E-67XP engine of 1,825 thermodynamic horsepower, derated to 1,100 shaft horsepower for cruise flight.

Are Pilatus PC-12 reliable?

Numbers prove. The numbers and rates above prove that, yes, it is safe to fly a single engine, whether in a Pilatus PC-12 or a Caravan Grand. Accident rates of, respectively, 0.005% and 0.004%, are exceptionally low, making both models reliable options for shared flights and charters, both for leisure and business.

How much runway does a Pilatus need?

At maximum gross weight, it needs just 2,485 feet (758 metres) of runway and can also operate on grass, gravel and dirt. This extra level of performance opens up your world of possible destinations to more than 21,300 airports. Where might the Pilatus PC-12 NGX take you?

How much fuel does a Pilatus 12 hold?

Technical Specs

Max Ramp 10,495 lb
Max Landing Weight 9,921 lb
Max Zero Fuel 9,039 lb
Usable Fuel (402 U.S. gal) 2,704 lb
Max Payload (6 executive + 2 configuration, incl. one pilot) 2,235 lb

What is the safest turboprop aircraft?

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboprop engine is one of the safest aircraft engines ever built – and a proven engine is an absolute must for a single-engine aircraft….Photo Gallery.

Take-Off Distance 2,485 ft
Range 1,803 nm

How much fuel does a Pilatus burn per hour?

Pilatus’ PC-12NG burns about 70.20 gallons of fuel per hour. At $5.00 a gallon, fuel is going to cost you $351.00 per hour. You can expect maintenance on a PC-12NG to cost around $309.55 per hour. $146.46 of that is for the airframe, and $163.09 is for the engine and APU.

How far can a Pilatus PC-12 fly?

Through clever aerodynamic refinements, it is five knots faster than its predecessor, with a top cruise speed of 290 knots (537 kilometres per hour). Maximum range has been extended to 1,765 nautical miles (3,269 kilometres).

What kind of engine does a Pilatus PC 12 have?

The Pilatus PC-12 is a multi mission aircraft with large rear cargo door and beefed up landing gear for operation on unimproved strips. Powered by a PT6A-67P producing 1,200 shp allows the PC-12 to carry up to 7 passengers and 1 crew in its pressurized cabin.

What is the Pilatus PC-12 NG (Next Generation)?

The Pilatus PC-12 NG (Next Generation) was launched in 2007 and first delivered in May 2008. The Pilatus PC-12NG has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility. As such, it is one of the most popular aircraft on the market.

What kind of plane is a PC-12?

Pilatus PC-12. The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Stans, Switzerland since 1991. The main market for the aircraft is corporate transport and regional airliner operators.

How many bags can a Pilatus PC-12 hold?

The baggage compartment can hold up to 6 bags, assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. The Pilatus PC-12 has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 1742 miles and a maximum speed of 313 mph. Common names and abbreviations: Pilatus PC-12, PC-12, PC12.