How long are Master at Arms shifts?

How long are Master at Arms shifts?

Master at Arms often work 12 hour shifts, but they still receive two or three days off a week while stationed at a Navy shore facility.

How long is Master at Arms contract?

First Sea Tour: 48 months. First Shore Tour: 48 months. Second Sea Tour: 42 months. Second Shore Tour: 48 months.

How long is Navy a school for Master at Arms?

approximately nine weeks
Master at Arms class “A” school is approximately nine weeks in duration, and the school is located on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

How much does a Navy Master at Arms make?

Average U.S. Navy Master At Arms yearly pay in the United States is approximately $50,762, which is 8% above the national average.

What does Navy Master at Arms do?

In the United States Navy, the master-at-arms rating is responsible for law enforcement, investigations, K-9, expeditionary, and anti-terrorism/force protection operations. It is one of the oldest ratings in the United States Navy, having been recognized since the Navy’s inception.

Is Master at Arms A rank?

The master-at-arms (MAA) is a ship’s senior rating, normally carrying the rank of chief petty officer or warrant officer. They are in charge of discipline aboard ship, assisted by regulators of the Royal Navy Police, of which they are a member.

Does the Navy offer 2 year enlistment?

The Navy will offer a two-year active duty enlistment, but they couple it with a two or four-year active (drilling) Navy Reserve commitment. The minimum active duty enlistment periods offered by the Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps are four years.

What rank is a Master at Arms in the Navy?

How much does AE 5 make in the Navy?

A Petty Officer Second Class is a noncommissioned officer in the United States Navy at DoD paygrade E-5. A Petty Officer Second Class receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $2,610 per month, with raises up to $3,704 per month once they have served for over 12 years.

What does an MA do in the Navy?

MA’s are the Navy’s security and force protection professionals. An MA may operate a force protection watercraft, direct an investigation, control a base access point, or supervise a K-9 asset. Some specific MA duties are listed below: Conduct waterborne security patrols and interdiction.

What is a master at Arms in the Navy?

The master-at-arms (MA) rating is responsible for law enforcement and force protection in the United States Navy—equivalent to the United States Army Military Police, the United States Marine Corps Military Police, the United States Air Force Security Forces, and the United States Coast Guard’s Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist.

What does a master-at-arms do in the Navy?

According to the United States Navy Enlisted Occupational Standards, NAVPERS 18068F, it states that Master-at-Arms provide waterborne and land security, aircraft and flight line security, strategic weapons and cargo security, maritime security and platform protection; conduct customs operations, corrections operations,…

What is the Cool Program for master at arms?

Through the Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) program, Master at Arms have the ability to earn credentials they can use in the civilian world. For free, they may earn the following certifications:

What happens after Ma a school in the Navy?

After graduating MA A School, you will officially be designated as a Navy Master at Arms, and you will receive orders to your first command. As a Master at Arms, you can receive orders to any Navy command in the world, and some commands outside the Navy as well.