How long is the novel Gone With the Wind?

How long is the novel Gone With the Wind?

Gone with the Wind (novel)

First-edition cover
Author Margaret Mitchell
Pages 1037 (first edition) 1024 (Warner Books paperback)
ISBN 978-0-446-36538-3 (Warner)
OCLC 28491920

How long is Gone With the Wind intermission?

Film will run 3 hours 58 minutes with a 20-minute intermission. Complimentary drinks and food will be served during the intermission. Gone with the Wind is often considered the most beloved, enduring and popular film of all time.

How long did it take to shoot Gone With the Wind?

125 days
12) It was a long, expensive shoot Gone With the Wind took 125 days of photography and a budget of $4.25 million (the average feature at the time cost under $1 million).

Is Gone With the Wind based on a true story?

Gone with the Wind is not a true story. It is a novel of historical fiction, which received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937. The story did…

How many chapters are in Gone With the Wind?

Gone With the Wind is made up of sixty-three chapters.

Why does everyone love Gone With the Wind?

Gone With the Wind gave Europeans hope that they too could overcome the fear and hardships of war. Gone With the Wind is an engaging story told well. The characters are complicated and stubborn, and their presence together creates a resonant emotional tension.

Was Rhett Butler a real person?

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Margaret Mitchell flatly denied that Rhett Butler, the dashing adventurer in her blockbuster novel Gone with the Wind, was based on her ex-husband.

How long did it take Margaret Mitchell to write Gone With the Wind?

three years
It took her three years to write the novel and she spent years more in obsessively polishing it until nervously entrusting the massive manuscript (about the length of War and Peace) to Macmillan’s in 1935. Despite or because of the book’s glittering success, she never wrote another.

What is the message of Gone with the Wind?

Though strong characters succeed through the Gone With the Wind, the film suggests that strength is often a person’s undoing. Scarlett, who has beaten poverty, the Yankees, and public opinion, loses the man she has come to love because she is too stubborn to see that she was wrong about Ashley.

What is the plot of the movie Gone with the Wind?

Presented as originally released in 1939. Includes themes and character depictions which may be offensive and problematic to contemporary audiences. Epic Civil War drama focuses on the life of petulant Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara. Starting with her idyllic life on a sprawling plantation, the film traces her survival through the tragic history of the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction, and her tangled love affairs with Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler.Gone with the Wind / Film synopsis

How many hours long is Gone with the Wind?

“Gone With the Wind” has one other major distinction. It was among the longest famous movies ever made, with a running time of three hours and 58 minutes. Coincidentally, “Avengers: Endgame” is also extremely long for a feature film, coming in at three hours and two minutes.

How long did it take to write Gone with the Wind?

Max Steiner was given only three months to compose the music, considering that 1939 was the busiest year of his career; in that year he wrote the music for 12 films. In order to meet the deadline, Steiner sometimes worked for 20 hours straight and took Benzedrine pills to stay awake. With almost three hours of music, “Gone with the Wind” had the longest film score ever composed up to that time.

How many pages long is Gone with the Wind?

When David O. Selznick bought the film rights from Margaret Mitchell on July 30, 1936, he faced the daunting task of condensing the 1, 037 –page novel into a film of manageable size: the studio calculated that filming the entire book would result in a film about 168 hours long. In addition, they had to make drastic cuts without damaging what Selznick called the “chemicals,” or essential elements, of the novel.

How long does Gone with the Wind go for?

Gone with the Wind turns 75 this year, a long enough period to establish it as an artifact, a museum piece. We like to think 1939 was a different world, a world divided from our own by a