How many days do you need in San Juan Islands?

How many days do you need in San Juan Islands?

Q: How many days do you need in San Juan Islands? A: That all depends on how many islands you want to see on your trip. Stay for two days to enjoy the full breadth of island life with morning mist rolling through the farmlands and fiery sunsets over the water.

What is the best time to visit the San Juan Islands?

The best time to visit the San Juan Islands is between April and October. July and August are the warmest months to visit and also the busiest. The summer months bring on peak prices, too. Knowing how to visit the islands efficiently can help you enjoy your time there without draining your pocketbook.

How do you get to the San Juan Islands?

Take interstate 5 south to Burlington exit, #230. Turn west (left) on Highway 20 until you reach Anacortes. Once in downtown Anacortes, follow the signs (San Juan Island Ferries) to the ferry landing. Ride the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island to meet your whale watch & wildlife tour departure.

Do I need a car on San Juan Island?

The islands are accessible by ferry, plane, private boat and charters. You can either take your car on the ferry or park it at the ferry terminal and walk aboard, thus avoiding ferry lines. However, you need a vehicle to explore each island (exception, see San Juan Island topic, below).

What celebrities live in the San Juan Islands?

Bill Gates, Steve Miller, and Tom Skerritt are some of the other well-known people who own estates on the San Juan Islands.

Do you need a car in San Juan Islands?

When can you see whales in the San Juan Islands?

Orca whales range through the San Juan Islands the most between March and October and you can expect to see them on the vast majority of our tours during that time, although we do have sightings throughout the year. We also regularly encounter beautiful Humpback Whales (through November) and Minke whales in the area.

Can you swim at San Juan Islands?

The cove’s protective shape, sandy beach, minimal waves, and friendly local faces mean you can bring a picnic and stay the whole day. You can find the beach off Cattle Point Road, and it is a popular spot for swimming and wakeboarding if you don’t mind the cold water temperature.

Can you swim in the San Juan Islands?

There are breathtaking lakes to explore, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a few sheltered coves, where the salty sea does warm up enough for a refreshing dip. Find the 5 Best Places to go Swimming on San Juan Island here.

Does Bill Gates own property on Shaw Island?

“Top Gun” actor Tom Skerritt has a home on Lopez Island, while Bill Gates has one on Shaw Island and musician Steve Miller is selling his mansion on namesake San Juan Island for $16.8 million.

Does Oprah have a house in Washington?

Oprah Winfrey now has one less property in her impressive real estate portfolio. According to Business Journal, the media mogul has sold her sprawling 43-acre waterfront estate on Orcas Island in Washington for $14 million, just three years after buying it.