How many devices can connect to Telkom WiFi?

How many devices can connect to Telkom WiFi?

As a customer, you will get an LTE WiFi router that can connect up to 32 devices via WiFi and up to four devices using the LAN cables. Note that the number of devices that you connect simultaneously could impact on your internet experience.

Why is my Telkom router so slow?

You could be experiencing slow speeds due to your LTE data usage. Telkom reserves the right to apply Fair Usage Policies on the Uncapped LTE account if a customer’s behaviour is deemed to be affecting the user experience of other customers on the Telkom network.

Do you need a Telkom line for ADSL?

You are required to have an active monthly billed telephone line with Telkom SA Ltd. ADSL Lines remain the property of Telkom SA Limited, installations and repairs remain their responsibility.

What is ADSL internet?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology that facilitates fast data transmission at a high bandwidth on existing copper wire telephone lines to homes and businesses. Unlike regular dial-up copper telephone line service, ADSL provides continuously available, always-on broadband connections.

How can I boost my Telkom signal?

If your LTE speeds are a bit slower than usual, here are 5 quick tips on how to revive your Telkom LTE:

  1. Tip #1: Move your router to a more central location or install a LTE antenna.
  2. In some cases you might experience a less consistent LTE signal strength in some areas of your home.

How can I increase my Telkom ADSL speed?

Make sure you have power flowing into the modem. Change the AC-DC adapter and check if it’s properly connected to the modem. Try changing your cables and filters for known working ones. If possible, try connecting your modem to a friend’s ADSL line and see if it works, or try connecting another ADSL modem to your line.

Is Telkom discontinuing ADSL?

Telkom is currently in the process of shutting down its copper network, which means that all traditional phone lines and ADSL services will be discontinued by 30 November 2020.

Does Telkom have any deals on mobile phones?

Luckily, Telkom often has amazing deals on mobile devices, airtime and data bundles, internet contracts, and other mobile accessories. If you’re looking for an upgrade, browse the latest Telkom catalogue here. This catalogue is filled with all the best Telkom data deals and mobile specials.

What is Telkom ADSL&VDSL?

Telkom ADSL & VDSL also has low latency which is perfect for gaming, voice and video streaming applications. * The packages subscriptions are month-to-month. If cancellation occurs within 24 months, Telkom will bill you for the router, activation and installation costs.

What is included in Telkom’s new 10GB deal?

This new deal also includes 10GB of free Wi-Fi connectivity, available at over 6,000 Telkom hotspots around the country. In addition to the mobile data and tablet, Telkom is also including an 8GB microSD card with the contract. Comments section policy: MyBroadband has a new article comments policy which aims to encourage constructive discussions.

How can you get in touch with Telkom?

The communications giant has multiple ways clients can get in touch with customer service. Telkom has an online portal where clients can pay bills, check data, and sign up for new contracts. All their stores have friendly staff that can advise which products are best for your needs.