How many quotas are there in railway?

How many quotas are there in railway?

12 quotas
As per railway reservation quota, there are 12 quotas that are been defined as per the authorities and department including general quota, tatkal quota, premium tatkal quota, ladies quota, lower berth quota, physically handicapped quota, high official or headquarters based quota, parliament house quota, defence quota.

What are the quotas in train?

Categories of Reservation Quotas in Indian Railways

S.No. Quota Available for
5 Ladies Female passenger travelling alone or in a group of female passengers
6 Senior Citizen Combined quota for senior citizens, female passengers above 45 years & pregnant women
7 Foreign Tourist Foreigners
8 Defence Defence Personnel

What quota means in railway PH?


S. No. Quota Description
3. HO Head quarters/high official Quota
4. DF Defence Quota
5. PH Parliament house Quota
6. FT Foreign Tourist Quota

What is TD in railway?

Tanda (TD) Railway Station.

What is quota ho?

HO Quota/Emergency Quota (HO) HO Quota/Emergency quota is a discretionary quota by railways basically for berth allotment in emergency cases to high railway officials, ministers, MPs, MLA, Judges and other dignitaries.

What is railway headquarters quota?

Emergency quota or headquarter quota are limited no. of berths available to the high ranking official of railways, ministers etc. Purpose of emergency quota: This quota is there to provide for train tickets in emergency like situation or for an urgent surprise inspection the officer might need to conduct.

What is RA coach in railway?

RA : Inspection carriage (administrative)

What is emergency quota in railway?

Emergency quota, the Railways said, is “first allotted for self-travel of High Official Requisition holders/members of parliament, etc., strictly as per their inter-se seniority in warrant of precedence.”

What is SE coach in train?

SE1 = Sleeper Class first Extra Coach. SE1 Coach is an Extra Coach which is attached after S1 Coach. Sleeper Class Coach is a Non AC Coach. In this coach. In a compartment 8 Berths are available.

What is DD quota?

DD Quota is primarily meant for serving defence personnel and allotted on ‘first-come first-served’ basis. Ex servicemen can only be extended the facility of DD Quota after the demands of serving personnel have been met. Unfilled quota can be made available to Ex-servicemen on first-come first- serve basis.

What is headquarter quota?

What is sleeper general quota?

To put it simply: Presently, the combined reservation quota of lower berths which is earmarked in ‘Sleeper’ class for senior citizens, female passengers of 45 years of age or above and pregnant women in Normal Mail/Express trains is 6 lower berths per coach.