How many rope fish should you keep together?

How many rope fish should you keep together?

However, rope fish typically prefer the companionship of other rope fish, and up to six fish can peacefully cohabit the same tank. Rope fish are not generally territorial. They can be seen congregating and hiding together as a group when housed in the same tank.

Do rope fish breathe air?

Because of low oxygen content in water ropefish has got used to get to water surface from time to time and breathe with atmospheric air. They even have lungs for this, with their help the reed fish can stay out of water for some time (at the condition of high humidity outside).

Will rope fish eat other fish?

Rope fish are carnivores. In the wild, they would eat crustaceans, insects, and worms. They also eat fish, but this is usually the last choice. This means that they will eat small fish in your tank, so you need to be careful with your tank mate choices.

What size tank does a rope fish need?

Tank Size. The minimum recommended tank size for one rope fish is 50 gallons. These are large fish and need enough room to stay comfortable and live a stress-free life. If you decide to keep multiple rope fish in the same tank you should add another 10-15 gallons for every extra fish.

Can rope fish live with cichlids?

Yes, it’s possible to house rope fish with cichlids if your cichlids are well-mannered. Your best bet would be peaceful species like Bolivian ram, discus, and angelfish. But don’t ever pair your ropefish with aggressive cichlids like red devil cichlid, oscar, and convicts.

How big can a rope fish grow?

The average rope fish size can reach just over two feet in length when fully grown. This makes for quite a sight while they swim and means that you’ll need to provide them with ample space to keep them comfortable (more on that in the following section).

Can rope fish live with African cichlids?

What fish can live with rope fish?

The rope fish is an odd-looking creature. They are long, slender fish that resemble eels and snakes more closely than they do other fish. The rope fish is also known as the reed fish or the snake fish because of its appearance….1. Clown Loach (Chromobotia macracanthus)

Size 5-8 inches (15-20 cm)
Temperament Peaceful

Do rope fish eat snails?

Small chunks of shrimp, fish, squid, or earthworm work equally well. Be mindful that this species are piscivorous and will eat small fish, shrimp, and snails if they can locate them. The greatest challenge when it comes to feeding Rope fish is ensuring that they are actually eating.

What size rope fish tank do I Need?

Now Let’s talk about Rope fish tank size! A rope fish must have a tank of at least 45 gallons. A bigger one will need an even bigger tank, so a 50 + gallon tank is safer to use. Try choosing a tank that has as much floor space as possible, rather than a really tall one.

What is an African rope fish?

The Rope Fish is one of a few fish species that has a set of lungs in addition to gills, giving it the ability to live in and out of water. Native to the inner curve of western Africa from Benin to the Republic of the Congo, the African Rope Fish is commonly found in the warm, sluggish waters of rivers such as the Ogun and the Chiloango.

How much does a rope fish cost?

The price of rope fish varies widely, Young juveniles are available for $10, with bigger adults costing $20 or more. You can’t add these fish into any old tank, there are a couple of things to consider. Tank mates are the principal limitations. If you’ve got small fish they’ll be eaten soon.

What are the best tankmates for a rope fish?

Ideal tankmates for a Rope Fish are as follows: 1 Clown Loach: One of the most ideal tank mates for Rope Fish. 2 Glass Catfish: The translucent and beautiful Glass Catfish is very peaceful and makes a great tank mate for Rope Fish. 3 Bala Shark: The Bala Shark is a very gentle species that can grow up to 12 inches long.