How many seats does a 747 800 have?

How many seats does a 747 800 have?

Boeing 747 8 Specs Table

Boeing 747-8i Intercontinental Boeing 747-8f Freighter
Seating Capacity (Maximum) 605 N/A
Seating Capacity (Three Class) 467 N/A
Overall Length 76.25 Metres (250 feet, 2 inches) 76.25 Metres (250 feet, 2 inches)
Wingspan 68.45 Metres (224 feet, 7 inches) 68.45 Metres (224 feet, 7 inches)

How many seats across is a 747?

Its seating capacity is over 366 with a 3–4–3 seat arrangement (a cross section of three seats, an aisle, four seats, another aisle, and three seats) in economy class and a 2–3–2 layout in first class on the main deck.

How many passengers does 747 carry?

Boeing 747-8 The -8 first flew in 2010, entering cargo service in 2011 and passenger service in 2012. It can carry up to 467 passengers in a three-class configuration, and has a range of more than 8,000 nautical miles.

How many 747 does Lufthansa have?

eight Boeing 747
According to data from, five of Lufthansa’s eight Boeing 747-400 aircraft are listed as active. This compares to 17 out of 19 Boeing 747-8s. With more -8s in the fleet and more active, it will be no surprise that the newer -8s are responsible for more of the Lufthansa Jumbo Jet schedule.

What are the best seats on a 747?

Best seats in World Traveller/economy on a British Airways Boeing 747. Top picks: 39K or 40A on high-J, 28B, 28C,28H or 28J on mid-J. Again, the cabin layout varies between the two versions, and my advice of picking font row window seats also applies for those flying in World Traveller, BA’s economy product.

How many business class seats on a 747?

Kedai Kaki Lelong, a local auction house is now offering interesting airline parts which include economy and business class seats, interior components, and even a jet engine from a Boeing 747. According to the listing, the economy and business class seats

How many seat on the 747 airplane?

C-19 – The U.S.

  • VC-25 – This aircraft is the U.S.
  • E-4B – This is an airborne command post designed for use in nuclear war.
  • YAL-1 – This was the experimental Airborne Laser,a planned component of the U.S.
  • Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) – Two 747s were modified to carry the Space Shuttle orbiter.
  • C-33 – This aircraft was a proposed U.S.
  • How many seats in 747 upper deck?

    The upper class may accommodate 14 passengers in 7 rows per 2 flat bed seats in each. How big is a 747? 747-8 Intercontinental Length 76.3 m (250 ft 2 in) Wingspan 68.4 m (224 ft 5 in) Height 19.4 m (63 ft 6 in) Engine GEnx-2B.