How many times have Crusaders won Super Rugby?

How many times have Crusaders won Super Rugby?

The Crusaders hosted the Lions in the 2018 final and won 37–18, securing their ninth title. The Crusaders won their tenth Super Rugby title at home against Jaguares in 2019.

How many times did Blue Bulls won Super Rugby?

They were the most successful team of the Super 14 era (2006–10), winning three out of the five titles. They are the most successful South African team, and the only South African team to win a Super Rugby title….Bulls (rugby union)

Union SA Rugby
Founded 1997
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Region Gauteng
Official website

Who won the Currie Cup the most?

Golden Lions The Lions have been able to impress in the Currie Cup, winning 11 titles in their history.

How many Currie Cup finals have the Bulls won?

All five of the so-called ‘big unions’ have won the Currie Cup on at least one occasion in the last 20 years; the Golden Lions (formerly Transvaal) have won the trophy 3 times in 1999, 2011 and 2015; Western Province have won the trophy on six occasions in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2012, 2014, and 2017; the Blue Bulls ( …

What is the history of Super Rugby?

The competition began as Super 12 in 1996, consisting of 12 teams from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. An extra Australian and South African team were added in 2005 and the name was changed to Super 14. A fifteenth team joined in 2011 and the competition was rebranded as Super Rugby.

Where can I find the results of every Super Rugby match?

SUPERXV lists the full results for every Super Rugby match going back to the first Super 14 Rugby match in 2006 right through to the current day. The Final Super Rugby standings are also available for every year.

What do the highlighted teams mean in the Super Rugby results?

Teams mentioned are those that qualified for the play-off rounds. Results are written so that the score of the team in each row is mentioned first. The highlighted team won that season’s Super Rugby final.

What is the current format of Super Rugby?

A fifteenth team joined in 2011 and the competition was rebranded as Super Rugby. The current format consists of three conferences of five teams from each country. Teams play other members of their conference twice (home and away) and four teams from each of the other two conferences once.